I’ve got 99 problems but the server ain’t one

How modern developers build scalable architectures without maintaining servers

Software companies today face several challenges — speed being a critical one. The development time of your product is key to remaining competitive in today’s market. To make quick deliveries, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel by attempting to solve problems that have been solved many times before. API providers and software-as-a-service companies provide ready-to-use solutions to give you a kick-start while fitting well in a service-oriented architecture.

On the other hand, good performance and scalability of your products are must-haves, too. Does it load quickly? Can it handle high traffic? The JAMstack can make sure it does. By combining static sites with powerful APIs and serverless functions, you can leverage the power of CDNs to bring digital products to screens as quickly as possible.

The webinar guest is Phil Hawksworth, Head of Developer Relations at Netlify. We discuss all things related to modern scalable architectures, using serverless technology, and going static and beyond.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The building blocks powering modern stack websites
  • Why functions-as-a-service are propelling the growth of the modern web architectures
  • JAM stack - the break-out architecture at the core of static sites
  • Recording date

    Recording date

    Tuesday 27th November 9am PT / 6pm CET

  • Video Time

    Video Time

    1 Hour

  • Audience


    Professional Developers and Product Managers

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Stefan Judis Headshot

Stefan Judis

Developer Evangelist

Phil Hawksworth Headshot

Phil Hawksworth

Head of Developer Relations