How to sell Contentful: Partner webinar series

Recorded on
1 July 2020
49 minutes

As your customers’ needs continue to grow, it is our mission to enable you, our growing partner ecosystem, to learn directly from the Contentful team and help you build, launch and ship websites and content faster. Our partner webinar series is intended to help you unlock your customers’ full value beyond product training. Through practical knowledge of the headless market landscape, in-depth case studies of Contentful customers, and even how to talk about infrastructure to non-technical audiences, we’re confident this series will help you sell your solution with Contentful.

Contentful’s partner enablement program is here to support you in helping your customers cut through silos and deliver the best experiences, at scale.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to sell a solution with Contentful

  • Gain insights on why customers choose Contentful 

  • Understand Contentful’s place within the market landscape, and why traditional CMSes don’t cut it anymore

  • Look ahead to the next generation: a flexible content platform with a broad ecosystem and robust extensibility features

  • Learn about our value and how we’ll collaborate with you to deliver

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Kristin Brown
Director of European Agency Partners
Kate Kotula
Strategic Partner Manager
Ethan Lewis
Strategic Partner Manager

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