Publicis Groupe training on Contentful

Session 1: Contentful overview and market positioning (with case studies)

Date/Time - March 20th 11am ET

Attendance - Any client-facing or technical users.

Length - 1 hour

Prework Required - None

Topics covered:

  • Market forces behind changing enterprise software architectures
  • Migration from digital experience suites to digital experience stacks

Session 2: Contentful technical training and deep dive

Date/Time - March 20th 1pm - 5pm ET

Attendance - Technical stakeholders (developers, architects, content strategists, product designers)

Length - 4 hours

Prework Required - Nothing required but we will give access to our LMS of digital courses ahead of time

Topics covered:

  • Contentful delivery architectures
  • Demo of static site generation app with Gatsby and Netlify
  • Contentful REST APIs (live Postman demo)
  • GraphQL
  • Content modeling basics
  • Live demo of a simple landing page built in Contentful
  • Localization strategies
  • Extensibility with the App Framework and webhooks
  • Live demo on DAM integration with Cloudinary
  • Managing content at scale
  • Contentful Professional certification
  • Date and time

    Date and time

    March 20, 2020, 11am ET & 1pm ET

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Jim Ambras

Manager of Training Delivery