Forrester Vision Report: Understanding The Architect Of Your Digital Experience Platform

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What's inside

What's inside

What’s inside:

  • Insights on the origins of digital experience platforms and how they’ve changed over the years 

  • Tips for how digital leaders can refocus and calibrate their understanding of DXPs

  • Guidance around composing the right DXP for your business

Finding time to reconsider and rebuild your digital experience platform (DXP) can seem like a daunting, black-hole of a task. However, when the burdens of staying on a legacy or monolithic CMS platform are considered, it tends to make more business sense to take the plunge and move to a new platform sooner rather than later. 

When you really think about it, the notion that a single company can offer one product that can satisfy all of the unique needs of businesses across industries seems a little outrageous. It’s time to rethink how technology is selected and composed together to produce a truly unique DXP purpose-built to help your teams deliver on all of your business goals. 

Download this Forrester Vision Report to better understand what a DXP truly is in this age of composable architecture and gain tips on how to approach the process of ditching your monolithic, “all-in-one” solution for a more flexible platform tailor-made to your business.

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