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Enhance your Contentful expertise

I build software / developer image The Contentful Certified Professional program has been officially launched. This certification allows software developers, technical architects, technical managers, and similar roles a highly credible way to show that they have what it takes to successfully design, develop and implement projects in Contentful.

To pass the exam, you need a strong technical grasp of Contentful’s capabilities, features, architecture, and best practices. You should also be familiar with basic programming concepts.

Visit our Learning Center to get started.

Build a better editor experience with extensions

Deploying structured content depends on many specialized tools, but working between interfaces and tracking integrations can slow everyone down — especially if editors already swimming in a sea of open tabs.

New Contentful UI extensions allow you to customize the editorial experience and add third-party integrations to your workspace.

Dialogue extensions help users access all their preferred tools within a single interface. See how. bynder demo 40

Sidebar extensions can be used to provide sensitive language check, a preview tool, and more. Read more. screenshot-2-2

Entry extensions help you deliver a bespoke editing experience for each role. Learn how. entry-extension-demo


Publishing content in big teams takes brains, brawns, and three dozen emails. Tasks streamline this process by introducing a checklist of steps to be completed before an entry can be published. To keep the team up to date, we notify individual contributors about new tasks assigned to them and original creators about completed assignments. Tasks is a premium feature available on all the Performance type of spaces.


Scheduled publishing

Contentful brings more ways to manage your marketing campaigns and product launches. Scheduled publishing allows editors to set a precise date for publishing an entry, review scheduled entries in one place, and receive email notifications about completed jobs. Editorial teams can work in a local time zone and combine multiple publish/unpublish events for any given entry. Our blog announcement has more details.

Scheduled Publishing

Rich text editor

Contentful’s rich text editor comes with a point-and-click interface, universally loved by content creators, and a number of additional capabilities. Despite its freeform appearance, the rich text field stores content in a structured format — making it easy to create new content and deliver it to any screen.

Rich text editor

When paired with an appropriate content model and external integrations, rich text enables editors not only write copy, but also embed media, add signup forms, insert A/B experiments, work with dynamic text and perform many other advanced tasks within the editing interface. If you are adding the rich text editor to an existing content model, make sure to check out the migration tools we’ve built to support the transition.

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