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We constantly release updates; here are some recent highlights and favorites.
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Publishing content in big teams takes brains, brawns, and three dozen emails. Tasks streamline this process by introducing a checklist of steps to be completed before an entry can be published. To keep the team up to date, we notify individual contributors about new tasks assigned to them and original creators about completed assignments. Tasks is a premium feature available on all the Performance type of spaces.


Scheduled publishing

Contentful brings more ways to manage your marketing campaigns and product launches. Scheduled publishing allows editors to set a precise date for publishing an entry, review scheduled entries in one place, and receive email notifications about completed jobs. Editorial teams can work in a local time zone and combine multiple publish/unpublish events for any given entry. Our blog announcement has more details.

Scheduled Publishing

Rich text editor

Contentful’s rich text editor comes with a point-and-click interface, universally loved by content creators, and a number of additional capabilities. Despite its freeform appearance, the rich text field stores content in a structured format — making it easy to create new content and deliver it to any screen.

Rich text editor

When paired with an appropriate content model and external integrations, rich text enables editors not only write copy, but also embed media, add signup forms, insert A/B experiments, work with dynamic text and perform many other advanced tasks within the editing interface. If you are adding the rich text editor to an existing content model, make sure to check out the migration tools we’ve built to support the transition.

Gatsby preview

Preview content before publishing an entry. We have released an instant preview extension that takes advantage of the Gatsby preview feature to rebuild pages in real-time. This makes it easy for editorial teams working with Gatsby-powered websites to preview their content in context, without triggering a new build process. The extension lives in a sidebar and enables authors to choose between automatic and manual rebuilds. Please note that this extension requires a premium version of the Gatsby framework that can be purchased here. You can install the extension in your space from the marketplace page.

Gatsby preview extension

Custom sidebar

The custom sidebar gives customers full control over prime real estate inside the Contentful web app. It is now possible to remove core widgets and add custom extensions and sidebar elements in an arbitrary order. Sidebar extensions are not bound to specific fields, making them an ideal candidate for integrations providing contextual data, workflow tools and advanced content transformations.

Customizable sidebar

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