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We love our community. And we know perfectly well that what we offer regarding content infrastructure would be of no use without passionate and creative developers.

A GitHub search uncovers around 800 Contentful-related projects. Below is a list of three community projects that we believe are worthy of some extra attention.


Communication can be difficult. Ask anyone who works with email marketing and they’ll tell you that running a successful campaign is no easy task.

Created by Voucherify, contentful-emails is a tool for automating content creation for email campaigns. The business benefits of using this node-based tool are covered in detail at the Voucherify blog.


The task of a static site generator is to produce static files that can be deployed to any web server—and Metalsmith is one of the most popular static site generators out there.

Metalsmith relies on plugins to get its work done. The contentful-metalsmith plugin lets you pull content from Contentful into Metalsmith for processing. To learn how the contentful-metalsmith plugin works, have a look at this example blog that was generated using contentful-metalsmith.


Another popular static site generator is Spike. In their own words, Spike “aims to be simple, efficient, and a pleasure to use.”

This static site generator is built on top of webpack and a foundation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript parsers that accept plugins to transform the output. And one of those plugins is the Spike Contentful Plugin. This plugin lets you grab the data you need from Contentful via API calls before generating your static site with Spike.

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The perfect place to interact with fellow developers is over at Contentful Community. Our community forums let you join in on discussions about everything related to development and Contentful.

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Also, if you want to see how you can build something with Contentful then check out The Example App, a tutorial-based approach to coding your first app with Contentful using your favorite language.

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