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Welcome to Contentful! No matter your role or what content you’re interested in managing— from an editor working on a marketing blog to a contributor working on a web app —Contentful has many powerful features to offer you.

Collaborating team

Write once, reuse everywhere 

With Contentful, your content is reusable on any channel you want. Create, store, and update content all in one place and watch as your changes are reflected everywhere—without copying and pasting. 

How to add references

Publish content with speed 

You have the power—no more requesting changes from someone else. Get full access and independence to add or change content without having to bug your development team.

How to add entries

Localize and translate

Out-of-the-box localization allows you to easily manage country-specific text, images, and other types of content. You can control who can create, translate, and edit which language.

How to add translations

Versions and rollbacks 

Versions allow you to see earlier published versions of an entry and roll back as needed. See who published an entry, compare changes, and restore a field or the entire entry. 

How to view versions

Where to go for help

Contentful’s robust support provides several ways for you to get answers to burning questions, learn about features,  and view detailed information about all aspects of the application. 

We offer many resources to get help such as webinars, guided training, our Discord Community, support portal, online chat (available only through the web app), developer documentation, and you also can work with Contentful partners.

Read more about how to get help and support.

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