The Contentful research panel

Join our research panel and tell us what you think about our platform. Help us enhance Contentful, create new features and shape the future of our products. Your insights are our most valued assets, because everything starts with you. Sign up to become part of our research panel — and receive some swag and digital vouchers in the process!

Get to know the Contentful research panel

Common questions and answers

Why does Contentful have a research panel?

One of Contentful’s core values is “Start with the customer and work backwards.” The first question we always ask ourselves is, “What problems does this solve for our customers?” We believe the best way to answer this question is to get your feedback directly. Your voice will be heard by the people guiding the future of Contentful. 

What is expected of participants?

If you join the Contentful research panel, you get the chance to take part in our internal product development and research projects. We’ll contact you via email and invite you to take part whenever a current study involves people with experiences like yours . The research could be a short survey or a one-on-one interview. But if you’re too busy at the moment, you can ignore the invitation. There’s no obligation to respond or take part!

What is in it for you?

When you join the Contentful research panel, you have the chance to look behind the curtains! You’ll be able to influence our products and share your thoughts with us. Other benefits could include the chance to go through new features with us. We are aware that your time is precious, therefore we often offer incentives, like digital vouchers, in order to compensate for your collaboration with us, especially for one-on-one interviews.

What types of participants is Contentful looking for?

We are looking for as much diversity as possible — everyone is welcome, including developers, admins, and content creators. We do not even expect that your company uses Contentful or another content management system. If you decide to take part in one of our research initiatives, it will be tailored to your specific profile so that you can share your expertise.

What happens with the data of participants?

We only collect and use your personal data to the extent needed to carry out the research and to stay in touch with you for any possible follow-up. You will not get spammed with any unrelated topics. We may share your personal data with third parties who act as our service providers. Your feedback in response to our research and survey will only be shared internally with our team. More information about Contentful’s privacy practices is available on our website:

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