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For our Team and Premium/Enterprise customers, our Customer Support is happy to assist with further questions. Please fill in the form below and one of our team members will reach out back. Your existing support requests can be viewed here.

For our Community Users:

Check out our existing resources that can provide you with plenty of information so that you get the most out of Contentful and promptly find answers to your questions: Developer documentation, Contentful Community, FAQs, and the user guides. Our GitHub repos contain a lot of valuable samples and tools, too.

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Non-urgent issues, such as general questions, routine requests for assistance, inquiries, and suggestions. Also use this severity level to report bugs or errors in our documentation that aren’t negatively affecting your use of Contentful.
Service Component operating with minor issues that can be addressed with a work-around.
Issues affecting Customer’s production systems: service access, data access or data entry is impaired on a limited basis due to a Service Component failure or fault

Issues affecting Customer’s non-production systems (e.g. development, quality assurance, and staging systems) due to: (a) Service Component down, completely unavailable, or operating in materially degraded state, or (b) Service Component access, data access or data entry materially impaired on more than a limited basis due to a Service Component failure or fault.
Issues that severely or completely hinder the access to or usage of your production platform
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