Illustration of person at a computer with Quorn illustrations behind the individual.

Quorn chooses Contentful to satisfy the global meat-free market

We talked with Jonny Wilcox, Account Director at Anything, about how Contentful drastically cut website production times, streamlined workflow and supersized localization for Quorn — a beloved brand for plant-based products.

Kiersten Thamm, on Feb 13, 2020
A figure with shoulder length hair wearing VR headset looking at abstract images.

A Developer’s Sundance Experience

Contentful’s team includes thought leaders and visionaries who think big about creating the next generation of digital experiences. Amelia Winger-Bearskin is one of these — not only one of Contentful’s developer evangelists, she is also a creative advisor with Sundance and a mentor to a new generation of immersive developers and designers who use emerging technology to deliver dynamic content to new audiences. Learn about her Sundance experience and how the festival is becoming a gathering place for technologists.

Amelia Winger-Bearskin, on Feb 11, 2020
Blog header, illustration of person using a clover device

Content modeling: Lessons learned from Clover

The next time you seamlessly pay at a donut shop, barber or outdoor market, thank Clover. The cloud-based Android point-of-sale platform has shipped more than one million devices to shops, restaurants and service providers all over the world. In the recent webinar "Content Modeling: Practice makes perfect," Clover's Rachel Church, Senior Software Engineer, shared three web app-based projects and what they learned along the way with Contentful’s developer evangelist Amelia Winger-Bearskin.

Caroline Beschel, on Feb 10, 2020
Blog header depicting a feminine figure pulling back a curtain to see assets.

Accelerating internal Contentful workflows with Forma 36

Contentful’s design system is speeding up our internal workflows, and it goes beyond components. We recently updated areas of our web app by using the design foundation and UX copy guidelines from Forma 36.

Tanya Bessonova & Sara Kalinoski, on Feb 6, 2020
Featured image with illustrations of eye, letters, glasses, microphone, closed captioning, and looking glass.

How Contentful helps create accessible digital experiences

It’s as simple as this: doing the work to make your website or digital experience accessible for people with disabilities is not a choice, it’s compulsory. So, where do you start? If you’re building an accessible website or digital experience with Contentful, there are a few built-in features to help you on your way.

Will Robinson, on Feb 4, 2020


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