Compose + Launch make content teams more productive than ever.
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Contentful Pricing

From project to platform to digital organization.

Get your API keys and start hacking. Ideal for individual developers working on personal sites, hackathons, or philanthropic projects.

Single space for up to 5 users
  • Fully featured headless CMS, now including GraphQL
  • Language and framework agnostic; use your favorite tools
  • Decoupled microservices architecture evolves with your project
  • Open platform with SDKs, App Framework and design system

Get started for free, then upgrade based on your project’s needs. Ideal for a small team building a digital project or two.

Start at US$489

Compose + Launch

Give your content teams the tools to deliver faster in all of your spaces for $1,995/month Learn more

  • Perfect for powering a modern stack website or app that doesn't require an SLA
  • Expanded authoring roles and locales to support basic publishing workflows
  • Technical support via email or in-app messaging
  • Easy payment via credit card

Scale up a content platform to power one — or hundreds of — digital experiences. Grows with your needs, from one team or business unit to your whole organization.

to your needs

Compose + Launch

Powerful editorial apps are included with all Enterprise plans Learn more

  • A single content hub for all your content creation teams
  • Guaranteed SLAs and options for single-tenant and multi-region infrastructure support your most critical business needs
  • Customizable roles and tasks for granular workflows
  • SSO, teams and user management API help manage large organizations
  • Access to Customer Success Managers, Solution Architects and professional services offerings

Feature overview

Features and services
Build with the App Framework
Custom apps
Marketplace apps
Contentful Compose + Launch
10-day trial only
$1,995/month for all spaces in your org
Included for all spaces
Space limits
Medium and Large
Enterprise spaces designed to power the most advanced digital initiatives
3 (Medium) // 5 (Large)
2 (Medium) // 4 (Large)
Role types
Admin, editor
Admin, editor (Medium) // Admin, editor, author, translator (Large)
Admin, editor, author, translator, freelancer + custom roles
Custom roles
7 (Medium) // 10 (Large)
Content types
25K (Medium) // 50K (Large)
US$489/month (Medium) // US$879/month (Large)
Contact us
Organization limits
5 max
10 included users, 25 users max
10 included users, no maximum limit
Self-service resources only
Standard support without SLAs
Full customer support with guaranteed response time via SLAs
API calls
2,000,000/mo. (hard limit)
2,000,000/mo. with overages
no limit
Asset size
Asset bandwidth
.75TB (with overages)
2TB (with overages)
Infosec and legal review
Structured Content
Links/Reference fields
Entries (records)
Content Types
Assets (records)
Content tags
Developer Experience
Sync API
Space Environments
Environment Alias
Custom Aliases
Image API
Forma 36
Content Preview API (CPA)
Content Management API (CMA)
CLI Tool
Open-source field editors
Authoring Experience
Reference View
Scheduled Publishing
Rich Text Editor
Markdown Editor
Image Editor
Content Versioning
Bulk Editing
Webhook transformations
UI extensions
Extension CLI
AWS webhook integrations
Webhook templates
App Framework
Roles & Permissions
ISO 27001
User Management API
Static webhook IPs
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Security reporting
PCI DSS compliance
Custom roles & permissions
Tag-based permissions
API white-labelling
Standard infrastructure
Encryption in transit
Encryption at rest
24/7 infrastructure monitoring
Multi-region delivery infrastructure
Medium-density infrastructure
Dedicated infrastructure
Advanced caching
Uptime and Support SLAs
Technical support
High priority support
Customer success
Usage Dashboard
Usage API
Trial Spaces
Dev Slack Channel
Dev Community


  • What are the differences between the Community, Team and Enterprise tiers?

    Each organization belongs to a Community, Team or Enterprise tier. Community includes our free Community space, and applies when the organizations only have this free space in their account.

    Customers with paid spaces through a self-service plan are on the Team tier; these spaces require no contracts and can be cancelled at any time. Once you start paying for a space (by purchasing a space or upgrading the Community space) you are on the Team tier.

    The Enterprise tier has advanced features, including advanced governance, professional services, 5x Trial spaces, and fewer limitations with custom pricing based on your needs. You can move to the Enterprise tier by contacting our sales team.

    Each tier has different limits and support, please refer to our feature table for details.

  • What is the new Community space?

    Contentful’s new free forever Community space is designed to accelerate digital development by enabling the developer community to build without barriers, using the latest technologies such as GraphQL in their programming platform/language of choice.

    The Community space is aimed at empowering individual developers’ personal projects, hack weeks or philanthropic projects.

    Contentful has robust developer documentation which you can use to get started, and our Slack community has thousands of active community members excited to help. Technical support via chat, email or in the form of a dedicated customer success manager and solutions architect is only available in paid plans. See the pricing page for more information.

    This space has replaced the previous free Micro space given to new users. Legacy free and self-service customers have had the previous free Micro space upgraded to a Community space. Note: If organizations with Community spaces are upgraded to paid platforms, rate limits are set by the new platform. However, Community spaces are not subject to SLAs.

  • How many users do I get?

    The Community tier offers 5 free users. Upon upgrading to a paid space, this is expanded to a total of 10 free users for both Team and Enterprise accounts.

    Additional users can be added at a cost of $15 per user per month. On the Team tier, there is a maximum of 25 total users. Enterprise plans have no limit for additional users.

  • What happens when I hit my space limit?

    Once you reach the limit of environments, roles, locales, content types or records included in the space type, you will not be able to create another item. If you need to create more items, you can delete an existing item or upgrade to a space type with higher limits. Space admins can upgrade/downgrade a space to a different type directly in the web app.

    Spaces also include fair use limits for API calls and asset bandwidth. On the free Community tier, you will be rate limited once you reach 2,000,000 API calls. On the Team tier, you will be charged an overages fee for the excess amount. Extra API calls cost $5 per 1,000,000 calls, and extra asset bandwidth is $65 per 1 TB. Accounts without a valid credit card on record will be frozen once they exceed the fair use limits. Enterprise tier customers are exempt from API overages.

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

    Self-service subscriptions on our Team tier are offered on a month-to-month, cancel-anytime basis. Enterprise customers who wish to access premium features and benefit from special services require a long-term contract. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your needs and available options.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Team customers can pay for the subscription with American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Enterprise customers have the option of paying with a wire transfer.

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