Why Contentful

The composable content platform built to scale with you

What is Contentful?

Contentful is the AI-native composable content platform that delivers intelligent and impactful experiences at scale. Both technical and non-technical users can easily create, manage, publish, and expand distinct content experiences for any digital channel — all with speed and scale, within a comprehensive and unified content system.

Contentful’s visually engaging interfaces are tailored for every contributor — making all tools intuitive and simple for developers, editors, marketers, and writers alike to all play an integral role in shaping and delivering compelling experiences together.

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From boutique to Fortune 500, Contentful scales content experiences for organizations


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Contentful Platform

Transform your content into so much more

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful Visual Modeler features.Stylized user-interface showing Contentful visual content modeling features.

Orchestrate content from various platforms to create multi-experiences that can be published to any audience on any channel

Unify your content

Utilize a comprehensive, unified composable content source to break down information and content silos.

Visualize your content models

Visually build content models and easily collaborate on revisions with your team.

Enhance your process with AI

Automate repetitive, routine tasks to increase your teams productivity, focus, and innovation.

Add pre-built integrations

Leverage powerful integrations to meet all your requirements.

What is a composable content platform?

A traditional, siloed CMS can only manage content (text, images, or videos) for one particular channel at a time. With a composable infrastructure like Contentful, content is broken down into small, modular components. Users build content once, then reuse and publish it for multi-brands, use cases, channels, and regions.

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Logo: Notion

Content is critical to our business. First, it helps people get excited about Notion. Then, once they're excited, it teaches them the value of the product and how to use it. We rely on Contentful and content to tell the why and how of our product

Cory Etzkorn

Designer and Engineer

Contentful Studio

Build once, use everywhere

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful content editing features.Stylized user-interface showing Contentful content editing features.

Visually assemble intelligent experiences at scale

Tap into robust design flexibility

Quickly assemble more experiences. Easily import on-brand design components, save templates, and map existing content.

Accelerate creativity with AI

Spin up new titles, copy, and SEO keywords with AI Content Generator, or use AI Image Generator to dream up new images and edit existing ones.

Ensure the integrity of your brand

What you create stays on brand with design guardrails that let you define which elements to customize, and which to keep the same.

Get developers up and running fast

Easily register components using the function provided by the SDK.

Contentful Ecosystem

Create and enhance any experience imaginable

An arrangement of 15 icons representing apps from the Contentful Marketplace.A grid of 20 icons representing a cross-section of apps available in the Contentful Marketplace.

Access hundreds of pre-built apps from the Contentful Marketplace to customize any Contentful implementation


Our ecosystem partners help your organization integrate with leading services to make your products a success.

Apps & integrations

Integrate your preferred third-party services to extend and expand Contentful’s capabilities.

Manage, build, and deploy faster than ever

Live Preview

Take the guesswork out of what you build. Visualize how your digital experiences look prior to publishing.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful Live Preview features.

Visual modeler

Visualize your content model and navigate connected entries effortlessly.

Extracted user-interface screens demonstrating the Contentful Visual Modeler.

Unparalleled design flexibility

Quickly assemble and deploy more experiences than ever. Import on-brand design components, save templates for reuse, and map existing content in Contentful for maximum efficiency.

Branded UI with multiple avatars dragging elements together to demonstrate collaborative design

Enterprise-level brand governance

Ensure every single experience you create is on brand at any scale, with tokenized design values and property controls that enable teams to define which elements can be changed, and which remain consistent.

Stylized Contentful Studio UI showing Developer and Marketer collaborating in real-time on a hero banner.

AI Content Type Generator

Helps users design and build content models by creating content type results based on the description users provide in the prompt.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Content Type generator features.

AI Image Generator

Content and marketing teams can leverage AI to generate images from OpenAI and then deploy them on Contentful Platform.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Image Generator features.

Learn how Contentful powers innovative experiences at scale

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KFC builds finger-lickin’ good digital experiences with Contentful


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