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Contentful Platform

Seamlessly create content-first, multi-brand, omnichannel experiences on a unified composable content source.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful Visual Modeler features.Stylized user-interface showing Contentful visual content modeling features.

All your content at your fingertips

Your content, like images, text, or articles, can all be referenced in one place, forming a comprehensive content graph.

Organize and integrate your content, then easily reuse it

Contentful spaces enable your teams to arrange and manage your content by multi-brand, use cases, regions, and channels — making it endlessly reusable.

Deliver experiences to any channel

Streamline and optimize the publishing process with Contentful to deliver high-quality and personalized experiences across your organization.

Maximize your content’s potential

Contentful Platform’s orchestration capabilities, across spaces and serving unique multi-brand experiences, provide a visual structure for content modeling — elevating the processes for creating and building vivid experiences.

A stylized user-interface illustration highlighting Contentful's content entry features.
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We had a lot of clunky systems that had been around for too long. Internal teams knew how to use them but they didn’t offer flexibility or the caliber of experience we were seeking. We knew we needed to move to a modern stack to get those modern capabilities.

Andy Rossi

Digital and Media Manager

Features made to boost your productivity

Visual Modeler

Visually plan, build, test, and iterate in a single workflow. Visualize your content model and navigate connected entries effortlessly.

Extracted user-interface screens demonstrating the Contentful Visual Modeler.

AI Content Type Generator

AI Content Type Generator helps users design and build content models by creating content type results based on the description users provide in the prompt.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Content Type generator features.

EU Data Residency

Our new EU data residency offering goes beyond standard compliance by providing European businesses the choice of storing their data in the EU.

Elevated governance

Enhanced identity and access management provide admins a robust security framework — safeguarding access to Contentful's entire platform and resources.

Contentful Platform in action

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Rapha shifts gears to a new tech stack — revamping their entire digital ecosystem


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Contentful is made for every contributor


Complete day-to-day tasks within the Contentful Platform and simply update your content across multi-regions and languages.

Content editors

Have confidence that you’re applying the most up-to-date content to the experiences you’re building — making time to launch smoother and faster.


Easily create, organize, customize, and reuse complete system of references and records, so you can efficiently manage content while empowering teams to work independently.

Discover all that Contentful has to offer

Contentful Studio

Use visually engaging and AI-integrated tools that streamline workflow and governance.

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Contentful Ecosystem

Build a best-in-class tech stack with the help of apps and integrated best-in-class enterprise solutions.

An arrangement of 15 icons representing apps from the Contentful Marketplace.