AI in Action

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Contentful and AI

Optimize your team’s creativity and efficiently deliver highly personalized and compliant on-brand experiences.

AI Content Type Generator

AI Content Type Generator helps users design and build content models by creating content type results based on the description users provide in the prompt.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Content Type generator features.

AI Content Generator

Generates content that matches your brand, reduce repetitive tasks, and translate nearly 100 languages.

AI Content Type Generator

AI Image Generator

Enables content and marketing teams to leverage AI to generate images from OpenAI and then deploy on the Contentful Platform.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Image Generator features.

Intelligent composable content

Human + AI teams

Integrating AI into teams streamlines content building and optimizes creative ideation.

A smarter, enhanced process

Increase your team’s productivity and creativity with features that automate repetitive and routine tasks.

Maintain content integrity

AI-infused capabilities ensure content is accurate and adheres to brand and governance.

Steve Sloan, Contentful CEO, presents at Fast Forward.

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Discover how Contentful’s new AI-integrated features play a pivotal role in elevating creativity and experiences.

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