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About the AI Content Generator powered by Amazon Bedrock app

AI Content Generator powered by Amazon Bedrock uses Amazon Bedrock, a generative AI service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), to supercharge your content editing process. You can use this app to automatically create new content that matches your brand, rewrite existing content for specific needs, translate, or to create SEO keywords.

Amazon Bedrock provides AI models from different providers, such as Anthropic Claude, Meta Llama, or Amazon Titan. You’re able to experiment with different models and choose one that performs best for your specific needs.

To use this app, you need access to Amazon Bedrock in an AWS account. The installation should be performed or guided by a person with administrator access to an AWS account, in order to set up the required permissions. Further information is provided during app installation.

Users are solely responsible for ensuring that their use of the AI Content Generator powered by Amazon Bedrock, including in particular any AI-generated content, complies with applicable laws, their organization’s policies, and applicable AWS Service Terms and the model providers’ EULAs to which they are subject.


  • Generate brand-specific content by configuring a brand profile
  • Generate titles and content automatically, using your brand description or other fields in your entry
  • Rewrite existing content to make it shorter, longer, or change the tone of voice
  • Translate fields to other locales
  • Use a field to generate content, or write your own prompts!
  • Automatically generate SEO keywords and descriptions to reduce manual tasks


  • An AWS account
  • AWS credentials (access key ID and secret access key) that allow Amazon Bedrock access

A simple walkthrough using minimum permissions is provided as part of the installation process.


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