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Faces behind the API

Contentful was started by Sascha and Paolo out of dissatisfaction with the existing web-focused CMSs. Those didn't fit for the new web – the web of mobile, interactive, multichannel content.

I was working with web content management systems in an agency. In particular, I was making them talk mobile. I was fed up with building custom backends and basically doing the same thing over and over again.
Sascha Konietzke
Co-Founder & CEO


We'd rather stay humble, but it's essential to make a good first impression.
February: We just hired our 100th employee. His name is Tolga and he joins us as an infrastructure engineer.
January: We held our first User Meetup in Berlin to a sold out venue. The meetups in New York, San-Francisco, and Sydney followed soon afterward.
December: We launched the .NET SDK and now support all major programming languages.
November: Our customer Bethesda releases Dishonored 2. The game sells 500,000 copies in the first week and goes on to win 100+ awards. The API ticks along unaffected.
October: Our customer Tegna crosses the 1,000,000 entries threshold. Its content reaches 90M Americans every month.
September: We held our first Contentful Academy workshop, training enterprise customers and partners to build sophisticated content applications.
July: We released the UI extensions SDK allowing customers to customize the Contentful web app to their needs.
May: Benchmark Capital leads the Series B funding round with a participation of Trinity Ventures, Balderton, and Point Nine: they invest $13M into Contentful. All the more room for growth and development!
February: Our customer Jack in the box is running their Superbowl 1m free hamburgers campaign with a new site. The API keeps humming as if nothing happened.
January: We tripled our revenue in 2015. And can barely keep up with hiring.
November: Our customer Urban Outfitters is live in time for Black Friday. The API keeps humming as if nothing happened.
October: We're surprised to discover that by now we are 40 people from 22 nations.
August: We've expanded our office – more space for more great people.
May: Our revenue grows by 10% every month, month after month. Yay!
January: We've hit the 100 enterprise customer mark.
November: API usage has grown by 100x in past 6 months.
June: Analyst firms Gartner and Forrester both feature Contentful for the first time in ther CMS reports. Also, Contentful welcomes Claus – UI/UX designer and its 30th team member.
May: Contentful opens to the public. Beer flows. Champagne bottles remain untouched, as nobody seems to like that bubbly liquid.
December: The ever-growing volume of inbound requests from media companies makes us feel we're on to something. To support our growth, we raise $3M of series A funding from Point Nine (a SaaS specialist VC that also funded Zendesk) and Balderton Capital (a tier 1 European tech VC who had also invested in Paolo's previous company Wooga).
June: Contentful app is born. We decide to rework the architecture based on the learnings of StorageRoom.
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June: Contentful raises seed funding from Point Nine Capital, Balderton Capital, and a selected group of business angels.
April: Paolo, current CTO, comes on board after having solved the scaling challenges of Wooga, a mobile games company.
March: StorageRoom sees nice early adoption. Thank you, CBS, Hyundai and Viacom.
June: Sascha launches StorageRoomApp, the API CMS predecessor to Contentful.

High standards won’t set themselves

Company culture is not just pizzas, ping-pong and coffee


We always keep learning and growing, and never get too smug about it

Always improving

We’re aiming to constantly solve the hard problems, not just spend time at the office

Being human

We promote friendly, human approach in everything we do — within work and beyond

Being open and transparent

We do our best to be open with one another — and with the rest of the world as well

Having fun

We believe it’s essential that everyone enjoys what they’re doing — otherwise why be bothered?

Nurturing relationships

We strive to build long-lasting relationships — be it with clients, partners, or simply good human beings across the planet

The brilliant crew that makes it happen

Ah, and we’re also really good at posing before the camera, don’t you know!