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Contentful is an API-first CMS
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Latest news: Gartner selects Contentful as Cool Vendor 2015! And Contentful wins Red Herring Top 100 Europe honours.

Radically different.

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API-first, not browser-first

All the created content is accessible via an API. Bring your content anywhere, display it as you like.

Scalable cloud, not on-premise setup

Your content is stored on our servers. They are fast, safe, secure, and we take care of all the maintenance.

Content-centric, not page-centric

Organize and structure the content your way. Build a custom content model instead of dealing with fixed, predefined templates.

Just the content, no presets or templates

Contentful delivers the content, and you design around it. We separate the content from presentation — it's most flexible this way.


Our customers and friends have a lot to say.
The number one question I get asked is 'What CMS do you recommend to support true multi-device publishing?' I'm thrilled to recommend Contentful as a product that really gets it.
Karen McGrane
Speaker & Author of Content Strategy for Mobile
The CMS's of the past were really just terrible word processors. Contentful is the first true ‘content management system’. A system that can manage any structure of content you can imagine, not just a sheet of paper.
Gareth Ballester
Lead Engineer, Applications at Nastygal

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