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Meet Contentful,

a content management system that enables cross-platform, multi-device online publishing. Businesses employ Contentful to publish editorial content for web apps, mobile apps, and, ultimately, any connected devices.

Contentful is 1) a backend for content delivery, 2) an API for fetching and manipulating the content, and 3) a web app in which editors create and organize the content. The full stack for modern publishing.

Contentful is different from the majority of established web CMSs, as it keeps content separated from its presentation and delivers content via an elegant RESTful JSON API, empowering developers to build highly custom user experiences.


Enjoy building great user experiences without worrying about managing and maintaining the content.

API comes first

We provide a RESTful JSON API for managing and delivering content, as well as controlling other aspects of the CMS. Due to its API-driven nature, Contentful can readily integrate within your existing software stack.

Content modelling, simplified

It's highly flexible, as we favour building blocks, not pages. The traditional page-centric approach is replaced with the concept of highly structured modular content. The content templates are fully customizable, so that they can reflect the nature of the content and related workflows.

No <HTML> in the database

The content is strictly separated from the presentation layer to keep things simple and avoid mess. The content is never stored in HTML – we <3 Markdown.

Solid content cloud

Our cloud service seamlessly scales, provides enterprise-grade uptime, and is notably fast – we deliver in 80ms on the average.
All things technical are right here.
Learn more about Contentful features and the underlying technology.

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Contentful blends together simplicity of publishing with advances in technology.

Truly flexible

Any content template can be quickly implemented. Contentful is a CMS that adapts to your editorial workflow, not the other way around.

One CMS, one team

Contentful will power all of your content channels: web, mobile, tablets, smart watches, airport kiosks, you name it. One software, one editorial team, one publish button.

All screens covered

Supporting new devices is bliss. We built an Apple Watch app within a week after the SDK release, and you can do even better.

Great performance for fair prices

Our cloud infrastructure is optimized to handle billions of API requests. Save a lot on licensing, maintenance, and operations.
It powers hundreds of commercial projects.
You'll be in a good company. See what our customers have built with Contentful.


Enough of our own bragging – passing the mic to customers.
The number one question I get asked is 'What CMS do you recommend to support true multi-device publishing?' I'm thrilled to recommend Contentful as a product that really gets it.
Karen McGrane
Speaker & Author of Content Strategy for Mobile
The CMS's of the past were really just terrible word processors. Contentful is the first true ‘content management system’. A system that can manage any structure of content you can imagine, not just a sheet of paper.
Gareth Ballester
Lead Engineer, Applications at Nastygal

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