Like a CMS... without the bad bits.

Meet Contentful, a headless CMS with an API at its core.

curl ''

  "total" : 2,
  "items" : [
      "fields" : {
        "name" : "An introduction to regular expressions. Volume VI",
        "author" : "Larry Wall",
        "description" : "Now you have two problems."
      "fields" : {
        "name" : "How to manage content in a developer-friendly manner",
        "author" : "Contentful",
        "description" : "Make an API request, get JSON in return."
This is a real API request. Try it! Copy this line and run it in your terminal.
While editors work on content in the web interface, the API returns it as a JSON document.
Contentful helps managing and distributing structured content. Maybe you'd like to check the docs?

Radically different.

See how Contentful compares to a legacy CMS

API-first, not browser-first

All the created content is accessible via an API. Bring your content anywhere, display it as you like.

Scalable cloud, not on-premise setup

Your content is stored on our servers. They are fast, safe, secure, and we take care of all the maintenance.

Content-centric, not page-centric

Organize and structure the content your way. Build a custom content model instead of dealing with fixed, predefined templates.

Just the content, no presets or templates

Contentful delivers the content, and you design around it. We separate the content from presentation — it's most flexible this way.

Editors be editing

Contentful comes with a web interface – an environment in which non-technical, content-focused users can work, making sure that the content looks and reads great.

Your first API call

How to fetch content from Contentful in just 3 minutes
We've created these nice SDKs for the most popular languages, so that you don't have to deal with the raw API directly.


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Is it expensive?

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