Contentful Studio

Empower the entire team with the creative power of a visual builder combined with the assurance and speed of structured design and content.

Bring content together

Easily unify your content and design components and adapt experiences for specific audiences.

Craft experiences quickly

Empower your digital teams to create, manage, and deploy impactful experiences with ease, faster than ever before.

Build once, use everywhere

Reuse what you build. Streamline management and maximize growth across brands, teams, and markets.

Scale your ideas in seconds

Robust design flexibility

Unlock the power to assemble and deploy more experiences faster. Teams can easily import on-brand design components, save patterns for reuse, and map existing content in Contentful for maximum efficiency.

Swatch of Contentful Studio interface showing teams collaborating in real-time.

Enhanced roles and permissions

Give everyone autonomy by ensuring each team member has the right mix of guardrails and creative freedom.

Showing user roles and permissions to help effortlessly to ensure secure and streamlined access for your team.

Enterprise-level brand integrity

Ensure every experience you create stays on brand, at any scale. Design guardrails enable teams to define which elements can be changed and which should remain consistent.

Stylized Contentful Studio UI showing Developer and Marketer collaborating in real-time on a hero banner.

Enhanced developer tooling

It's easy for developers to get up and running in Contentful Studio and register components using the function provided by the SDK.

Stylized Studio interface showing design-system components menu.

Drive creativity with AI

Revolutionize the experiences you build. Use the AI Content Generator to quickly spin up new titles, copy, SEO, keywords, and more. Or use AI Image Generator to dream up new images and edit existing ones.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful AI Image Generator features.
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We’re empowering marketers and designers to be able to execute on their vision without having to wait for developers to build it out.

Nathan Cook

Global Marketing Director, Web Development

Built for the full digital team


Bring your digital vision to life quickly and at scale, without needing to know the technical ins-and-outs of composable content.


Gain end-to-end ownership in assembling and optimizing digital experiences by reusing designs and their components, at scale.


Empower those around you with the tools to create, publish and edit with ease, freeing you up to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Create and manage content from anywhere to go everywhere.


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Easily compose a best-in-class platform and meet goals faster.