Contentful Studio

Visually, intuitively, and swiftly build digital experiences with your team.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful content editing features.Stylized user-interface showing Contentful content editing features.

Eliminate the tech learning curve

Visually engaging and AI-driven interfaces allow digital teams to quickly understand and use Contentful without knowing composable content’s tech aspects.

Workflows that won’t slow you down

Collaborative features allow individuals to focus on their work without disrupting their team’s overall workflow — resulting in higher productivity, faster launch times, and increased content reusability.

Structured for your team’s creativity

Customizable interfaces ensures that the right content is being used appropriately across brands, use cases, channels, and regions, so content teams can concentrate more on the creative process.

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We’re working to democratize content production. This means enabling people from across the company to produce content and put it on the website. Contentful gives us the guardrails for that so our site doesn’t turn into the Wild West.

Ben Lempert

Director of Web and Content

Features made to lighten your load

Experience Builder

An easy-to-use canvas with reusable components that digital teams can use to create and publish on-brand experiences without needing to know code.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful content editing features.

Live Preview

Preview content next to the entry editor, in addition to instantly seeing updates reflected within the preview pane.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful Live Preview features.

Preview-based Publishing

Publish a page and other edited references within Live Preview — giving editors a clear view into which entries will be published, and whether other entries might be affected.

Feature Card: Preview Publishing

Locale Picker for Live Preview

Localized URL previews enable users to work in different languages other than their default.

Feature Card: Location Picker

Improved Content Tab

An optimized browsing experience with pre-built and custom filters that fit unique needs — allowing users to easily surface content they’re looking for.

Content Tab: Improved Content Tab

Presence Indicator

Gain visibility to other team members in any entry — making concurrent revisions and updates inside a shared workspace more efficient.

Feature Card: Presence indicator

See Contentful Studio in action

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Scalable content solutions quickly expand Notion’s marketing efforts


increase in published content


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Contentful is made for every contributor


Bring your digital vision to life quickly and at scale, without needing to know the technical aspects of composable content.


Gain more ownership in creating and optimizing digital experiences by applying reusable atomic components.


Free your workflow from production bottlenecks with visual interfaces that give other members more autonomy.

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Contentful Platform

Always have the most accurate content in one place, giving you time to focus on creating personalized experiences.

Stylized user-interface showing Contentful Visual Modeler features.

Contentful Ecosystem

Implement market-leading solutions to optimize your team’s customized apps and expand your tech stack’s capabilities.

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