What’s New
We constantly release updates; here are some recent highlights and favorites.
For a full list of new features and improvements, see our detailed ChangeLog.

PoC spaces are now Trial spaces

We’ve made updates to how Enterprise customers try more Contentful for free. Proof of Concept spaces (PoC spaces) are now called Trial spaces and include clear communication throughout the duration of the trial. Enterprise customers still get five of these spaces - learn more here.

Customize the editorial interface faster with open source field editors

With Contentful’s new open source field editors, developers can now save time when creating fully customized editorial user experiences, while helping content creators be more productive and ship digital experiences faster.

Developers can customize and compose a tailored editing experience in Contentful by adapting the way that content input works. Now, it’s possible to tweak the appearance of field editors or even implement custom logic. Also, input fields can also be organized differently by grouping them, having conditional fields, or flattening the way the fields and references are displayed within a content entry.

Visit our developer documentation to learn how to use our field editor components.

User Management API

The User Management API is now generally available. These endpoints allow organizations to manage their users, teams and their space roles and permissions directly. Enterprise organizations can now integrate the governance of their Contentful users with the rest of their technology stack. Read more in our developer documentation.

User Management API is available for Enterprise customers on current pricing plans.

SCIM integration

Cloud-scale governance for your content platform Today's leading digital organizations have turned to identity providers (IdPs) to simplify user authentication and access management. Contentful now supports user and team management through a SCIM API and integration with select IdPs, providing automated, centralized enterprise-scale user access management for thousands of users. Keep your organization secure and reduce manual IT provisoning for your content platform as teams grow and change.

Build your digital experience platform with the App Framework

Contentful's App Framework helps businesses build digital experience platforms with market-leading services to deliver digital experiences at scale, as opposed to buying a monolithic suite. By leveraging existing and new tech investments seamlessly integrated with open APIs, brands can maximize flexibility and agility to keep up with ever-increasing customer expectations across channelsApp Framework

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