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We constantly release updates; here are some recent highlights and favorites.
For a full list of new features and improvements, see our detailed ChangeLog.

Easily visualize, verify and publish nested content using reference view

Reference view allows you to clearly see all of the linked content that makes up the entry you are working on. This means that it is now much faster and easier to work with nested content, and makes publication much smoother.

Using reference view, you can select and perform batch actions on some or all of your linked entries. This means that entries can be Published or Verified in seconds, and errors that could have taken a long time to find and fix can be spotted and corrected in seconds.

You can read more in the blog and in the developer documentation. Contentul reference view slide in screen

New space resource usage summary dashboard

Organization owners and admins can now view space resource usage details directly on the Subscription page. Monitor environments, roles, locales, content types and records across all spaces and be notified when spaces approach, reach, or exceed limits. Space resource usage summary

App identities and events unlock new automation capabilities

We've updated the App Framework with new capabilities designed to automate content creation, enable complex workflows, and improve the governance of customer-built apps.

App Identities introduce an authentication mechanism that allows apps to interact with the content via the Content Management API (CMA), fully bypassing the need for manual user prompts or user-scoped keys. Events enable developers to trigger app actions in response to content changes. In contrast to webhooks, app events are created automatically whenever you install an app within a space (and removed when the app is uninstalled) and are only visible to the app itself.

App events screenshot

To learn more about the features please refer to the app development guide and the guide to using app identities and events. The features are available to all Contentful customers on the current version of the platform.

PoC spaces are now Trial spaces

We’ve made updates to how Enterprise customers try more Contentful for free. Proof of Concept spaces (PoC spaces) are now called Trial spaces and include clear communication throughout the duration of the trial. Enterprise customers still get five of these spaces - learn more here.

Customize the editorial interface faster with open source field editors

With Contentful’s new open source field editors, developers can now save time when creating fully customized editorial user experiences, while helping content creators be more productive and ship digital experiences faster.

Developers can customize and compose a tailored editing experience in Contentful by adapting the way that content input works. Now, it’s possible to tweak the appearance of field editors or even implement custom logic. Also, input fields can also be organized differently by grouping them, having conditional fields, or flattening the way the fields and references are displayed within a content entry.

Visit our developer documentation to learn how to use our field editor components.

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