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Drive impact in minutes, not months

Say hello to Contentful Studio. Our latest product empowers teams to visually assemble intelligent experiences — at any scale.

Assemble in minutes

Teams can bring content and design components together and adapt experiences to specific audiences.

Deliver experiences faster

Move at the speed of light with a solution built to help teams assemble, manage, and deploy experiences in minutes.

Build once, use everywhere

Easily reuse the experiences you build. Save your patterns and designs, to create and maximize growth across markets.

Contentful Studio

In our digital-first world, teams require a solution that can keep up with them. Get your bright ideas to market faster with an intuitive interface.

Time-saving visual design tools

A drag-and-drop canvas enables teams to easily visualize the experiences they build, without writing a single line of code. Imported design components and saved patterns provide templates to reuse later, for ultimate efficiency in your creation process.

Branded UI with multiple avatars dragging elements together to demonstrate collaborative design

Enterprise-level brand integrity

Every experience you build stays on brand, no matter the scale. Teams can define which elements can be modified and which stay the same, allowing for maximum design flexibility and consistency.

Stylized Contentful Studio UI showing Developer and Marketer collaborating in real-time on a hero banner.

Create faster with AI

Utilize AI Content Generator and AI Image Generator to create, optimize and deliver differentiated content experiences.  Create impactful on-brand content with AI partner Writer.

AI Content Type Generator

Transform your business with the power of Contentful

What do you get when you combine our products together? The possibilities to drive business momentum are limitless.

Built for digital teams

Contentful Studio seamlessly integrates with our core platform, unlocking creative autonomy for the full digital team. Scale operations in Contentful Platform and reuse content across multiple brands and regions.

4 avatars of users from across the development, marketing, content editing and design teams

Use with market-leading apps and integrations

From powerful integrations with partners like SAP, Salesforce, and AWS to purpose-built apps in Contentful Marketplace, you can seamlessly enhance your solution for maximum impact in Contentful.

An arrangement of 15 icons representing apps in the Contentful Marketplace.

Stay on brand, gain momentum

The bigger your brand, the more experiences and content to manage. With Contentful, teams can ensure their experiences adhere to guidelines and stay consistent.

Illustrated style UI elements being added to a canvas in Contentful Studio