Webhooks in Contentful can notify you or someone else when content (assets, entries or content types) has changed by calling a preconfigured HTTP endpoint. This can be used for notifications, static site generators or other forms of post-processing that is sourced from Contentful.

Whenever an event like that occurs, you can set up a webhook that would call the specified URI in order to somehow react. For instance, you can send a push notification or a message to a Slack channel every time an entry has been edited to keep up with the changes.

See our documentation for all the details and the screenshots below to better understand how it works.

New webhook

You can create multiple webhooks with different configurations each.

Creating new webhook

Webhook configuration

When creating a webhook you can specify for which changes on your content (topics) you want your webhook called.

Select when the webhook should be triggered

Webhook call overviews

The call overviews consist of a list of the most recent webhook calls made, their status, possible errors, and the target URL.

See how your requests are doing

Webhook call details

The call details provide detailed information about the outgoing request and the response, including headers, body and possible errors.

Investigate the details