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Space management

These tools will help you import and manage entries in your spaces.

Contentful CLI

Refer to the contentful-cli for detailed information.

For further information on recommended steps for using these tools, read our guide to maintaining multiple environments with Contentful.

Contentful Bootstrap

This Ruby gem gets you started using Contentful with one command, creating the spaces, entries and more with one command. Read this tutorial for more details.

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Contentful Database Importer

This Ruby gem lets you import content directly from your SQL databases into newly-created or pre-existing spaced.

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Data import

Note: The tools listed in this section are no longer officially supported as of May 11th, 2017. You can feel free to use them, fork them and patch them for your own needs. Downloads from RubyGems will still be available.

You can import data from other systems into Contentful using our contentful-importer.rb gem.

The importer uses a flexible input format that you can write your own exporters for, we provide exporters for:

Read this tutorial to learn how to export content from the systems listed above and import it into your Contentful spaces.