Using Contentful with Java


Our SDKs give you access to our APIs and their features.

Content Delivery API SDK

This SDK interacts with the Content Delivery API, a read-only API for retrieving content from Contentful. All content, both JSON and binary, is fetched from the server closest to a user's location using our global CDN.
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API reference

Content Management API SDK

This SDK interacts with the Content Management API, and allows you to create, edit, manage, and publish content.
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API reference


Create and deploy a Java application using Contentful

This guide shows you how to create and deploy a web application with Java and Spring Boot that uses Contentful.

API demo

This guide is the perfect starting point to learn how to make calls to Contentful APIs, explains what responses look like, and suggest next steps.

Tools and integrations

Example apps

These example apps are the best way to start building with Contentful. They show you how to start a project based on example spaces available in the Contentful web app.

Product catalogue

A generic product catalogue / e-commerce app connected to a Contentful example space.
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