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EU data residency


The EU data residency is an add-on feature that offers you the option to store your content and user profiles in the European Union (EU) data residency region, instead of the default US data residency region. While Contentful is GDPR compliant, the EU data residency add-on builds trust with data protection that goes beyond GDPR to meet company expectations, industry standards, and internal policies that require data storage in the European Union.

NOTE: The EU data residency add-on is available on Premium plans only. For more information, reach out to your Sales representative.

Your content stored in the EU comprises entries and media assets. We also store closely related information in the EU, such as comments, workflows approvals, and schedules. User profiles are also stored in the EU and contain, for example, names, emails, avatar images, usernames, and passwords. Like most SaaS companies, Contentful cannot guarantee that data stored in the EU is only processed in and accessed from the EU. For example, a Marketplace app may call a US-hosted API to process an image stored in the EU.

Like most Content Management Systems, Contentful delivers customer content through Content Delivery Networks, such as Fastly and Amazon CloudFront, which cache data globally to reduce latency and ensure a fast experience for content consumers across the globe.

EU data residency regions

Contentful’s EU data residency region comprises AWS Ireland, (eu-west-1) as the primary region, and AWS Frankfurt, (eu-central-1) as the secondary region for backups.

Data storage

Contact your Sales representative if you want to store your data in the EU data residency region. We will provision a new organization in the EU data residency region once your selection of the EU data residency add-on is completed. Contentful organizations in the EU region are separated from the US region.

NOTE: Each organization is pinned to exactly one data residency region. You cannot have an organization that stores content both in the EU and the US.

When using Contentful in the EU data residency region, the web app and API endpoints are available under differentiated subdomains. You must adjust the URLs as follows:

For the Web app

Web app https://app.eu.contentful.com

For APIs

For every Contentful API, you must make sure the API Base URL contains the correct EU subdomain. The following table represents the Base URL for each API:

Content Management API https://api.eu.contentful.com
Content Delivery API https://cdn.eu.contentful.com
Content Preview API https://preview.eu.contentful.com
GraphQL API https://graphql.eu.contentful.com
Images API https://images.eu.ctfassets.net
User Management API https://api.eu.contentful.com

Error handling

When pointing to the incorrect API endpoint, a 404 Not Found error message is returned. For example, if your content is stored in the EU data residency region and you send an API request to the US endpoint, the 404 Not Found error message is returned. To fix this, check the endpoint subdomain and adjust accordingly.

Feature limitations

The following features are currently not compatible with the EU data residency add-on:

  • Functions
  • Custom external references via Functions

The following features are not, and will not be, compatible with the EU data residency add-on: