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Multi-region delivery infrastructure (MRDI)


Multi-region delivery infrastructure (MRDI) is an architectural setup that enables Contentful to serve traffic from multiple geographic locations. By distributing resources across various regions, this approach ensures regulatory adherence and mitigates the risk of service disruptions, contributing to a more robust and available system.

NOTE: The MRDI add-on is available to enterprise-level customers only. For more information, please reach out to your Sales representative.

The MRDI functionality is built using different AWS regions, which allows us to deploy our infrastructure (servers, databases, routing, applications, etc.) in geographically distanced and physically independent locations. This way, if one region experiences an outage or a failure, the system can automatically switch to another region.

In each Contentful data residency, for MRDI customers, content is replicated across primary and secondary regions. In this setup, both regions are ready to deliver content at any given time with the primary region serving traffic under normal circumstances, and the secondary region taking over when there are issues with the primary. More specifically:

  • When a content delivery request fails to be served by the primary region, the system automatically tries to serve the request by the secondary region.
  • In case of a major outage in the primary region, the failover between regions is automatic, requests are retried and served from the secondary region to provide uninterrupted content delivery.

MRDI regions

Default data residency:

  • Primary region: AWS Northern Virginia (us-east-1)
  • Secondary region: AWS Oregon (us-west-2)

EU data residency:

  • Primary region: AWS Ireland (eu-west-1)
  • Secondary region: AWS Frankfurt (eu-central-1)

API information

The following APIs are available with MRDI:


Which content is multi-regional?

All published content served through the Content Delivery API (CDA), GraphQL Content API, and Asset CDN is multi-regional.

What are the main use cases for MRDI?

MRDI can be essential for the customers who are required to provide a multi-region infrastructure redundancy and higher availability SLAs to comply with internal or external compliance requirements.

In some cases, ensuring higher availability of the content may also be required by law.

Will customers get better performance with the MRDI feature?

No, MRDI will not affect performance. MRDI is about high availability and compliance.

What is the impact on uptime SLAs?

Contentful offers 99.99% availability SLA across the multi-region delivery infrastructure, which includes Content Delivery API (CDA), GraphQL Content API, Images API and Asset CDN.

The increased SLA only applies to the aforementioned APIs.