Space roles and permissions

What are space roles?

A space role is a set of permissions that define which content a user can access in a space and which actions they can do.

When added to a space, every user is assigned with a role.

Roles and permissions are defined at space-level, meaning that the same user can have different roles with different sets of permissions in every space.

Space roles can be assigned to both individual users and teams. If a user has an individual space role, and is also a member of a team with a space role in the team, the user will be granted permissions from both roles.

What kinds of space roles are there?

In Contentful platform the following kinds of space roles are available:

Default roles - Roles with preset permissions that allow your users to perform specific functions:

  • Administrator - has unlimited access to all content and actions in the space.

  • Editor - can create, edit, publish, archive and delete all content under a master environment.

  • Author - can create and edit all content in a space, but cannot publish it.

  • Translator - can edit content in a selected locale.

  • Freelancer - can create content and edit and delete content created by them. Cannot publish content.

NOTE: Premium plan customers can edit and delete default roles. The only role that cannot be changed or deleted is the Administrator role.

Custom roles - Roles created by users with a custom set of permissions as selected by them.

NOTE: Custom roles are only available on our Premium plan and above. For more information, reach out to your Sales representative.

Space Administrator

By default, a user who creates a space is assigned with the Administrator role. This user can then also assign other users with the Administrator role.

Only space Administrators can edit and delete roles in a space. Only Administrators can create workflows and add to releases (in addition to Editor roles).

Roles are managed in the Roles & permissions tab under Space settings. Administrator role cannot be changed or deleted.

NOTE: The option of editing and deleting roles is only available in spaces with custom roles.

NOTE: Editing or deleting a role will affect all users and teams which are already assigned with the role.

Which roles are included into my subscription plan? 

The table below describes which types of roles are available on every subscription plan:


NOTE: In spaces with custom roles available there is also an option to edit or delete default roles. One exception is the administrator role, which cannot be changed or deleted.

Are you interested in upgrading to a Premium plan space? Contact our Sales team here.

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