Scheduled publishing

As a content creator or editor, you may often have a need to release content at a specific date and time. This isn't always convenient if you aren't near a computer.

Scheduled publishing makes it so that you no longer need to be at your computer when the time comes for your campaign to start or your product to launch. You can also retire that content when the promotion or campaign is scheduled to end.

With scheduled publishing you can:

  • Schedule an entry to be published or unpublish at a certain time and date

  • Create multiple scheduled actions on an entry at different times (e.g. publish at 12:00, unpublish at 01:00, publish again at 05:30)

  • See the timeline of an entry's future publish and unpublish actions in the entry editor

  • See a lists of all scheduled, completed, and future entry actions


  • You can have up to 200 pending scheduled entries in each environment within a space

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