Note: This feature is currently only available to customers in our Early Access Program. 

Tags allow you to assign tags to entries and assets in your space, which can then be used to find and organize content within the web app. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple teams of contributors working together within one space. Tags can help editors quickly and easily identify which content is most relevant for them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Can I use tags for SEO purposes?

Currently tags are intended to be used to organize and search for content within Contentful. They are only returned in the Contentful Management API, and are not exposed through the Delivery API, so they are not suitable to use for SEO.

Can I use tags for enriching assets with metadata?

You can add tags to assets to store metadata, but tags are only returned in the Contentful Management API. They will not be exposed through the Contentful Delivery API. 

Can tags be used in apps?

Not yet, but stay tuned. 

Are tags a paid feature?

Currently, tags are only available to a selected number of customers through our Early Access Program. 

What is the maximum number of tags allowed per environment?


What is the maximum number of tags allowed per entry or asset?


Can tags be managed in a programmatic way?

Yes. If you are a space admin or have been granted the manage tags permission, you can manage tags via the Contentful Management API (CMA). See our CMA documentation for more information. You can also use tags in contentful-management.js, our JavaScript management SDK. Soon tags will be supported by our contentful-migration, contentful-import and contentful-export tools via the contentful-cli.

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