Introduction to Compose

What is Compose?

Compose is an application by Contentful that allows you to build and publish web pages in a few steps. Compose takes the power of the main Contentful web app and focuses solely on the experience of editors and authors creating pages.

Compose is a streamlined version of the Contentful web app that is designed specifically for editors and authors who don’t want to mess around with the more technical aspects of Contentful.

Unlike the web app, Compose does not require content modelling knowledge. Instead, editors can assemble pages from predefined content components and media, without involving additional engineering resources. It’s the same great Contentful experience you know and love, but for content teams instead of development teams.

How is Compose different from the Contentful web app?

Compose experience is characterized by the following:

  • Compose is used for quick creation of web pages.

  • Pages and fields are predefined and do not require extra setup.

  • The hierarchy of the page building blocks is displayed in a single editing view.

  • Entries can be published all at once with a single click.

Where Compose is installed

Compose is installed on the environment level.

You can switch to a different space or environment when logged in to Compose. If Compose wasn’t installed in that space/environment, you will be prompted to install it.

Compose content model versions

Install Compose

Set up page types in Compose

Set up field groups

Manage page types in legacy Compose

Create a page

Manage pages

Duplicate a page

Training course

You can also use the training course in our Learning Center as an extra knowledge source about how to use Compose and benefit from it in every use case.

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