How to get help and support

Contentful provides several ways for you to get answers to questions, learn about controls and functions and view detailed information about all aspects of the application. 

Available resources

Types of support provided

Community users:

Community users can get in touch with support agents, but when there’s a high volume of tickets, the tickets from Community plan users may not be processed. We also have a series of existing resources that can provide you with plenty of information, so that you get the most out of Contentful and can promptly find answers to your questions. See the available resources listed above.

Team customers:

Team tier customers can open support tickets and communicate with Contentful  support agents through the Contentful website. While we do our best to answer questions promptly, standard support does not include guarantees on response time.

Enterprise customers:

Enterprise customers are granted premium support. This guarantees the highest priority for tickets in the queue. Enterprise customers enjoy response time guarantees.

Customer support

Available to help with any technical and operational questions and needs. Open a Customer Support ticket via our support portal for technical questions, technical issues, bugs, access issues, feature requests, or other issues.

Contacting the Contentful support team

You can reach out to the Contentful support team in the following ways:

  1. “Talk to us”: Use the user drop-down in the top right corner of the Contentful web app. Utilize the “Talk to Us” feature in the Contentful Web App for non-urgent questions  (ex: “Where do I find…?”). 

  2. Support contact form: Use the contact form to communicate with our support team directly. They are available to help with any technical and operational questions and needs.  

Please note that only Team tier and Enterprise tier customers will receive a reply from our support team when a ticket is created from the Support Form.

Viewing open support requests

To view your existing support requests, check the support portal.

How quickly can I expect your support team to reply?

Enterprise customers enjoy response time guarantees indicated in the SLA package of their choice. We cannot provide response time guarantees to on-demand customers -- it could take from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the queue and the nature of your inquiry.

In case of urgent issues:

In order for your tickets to be covered by your SLA, tickets must be:

  • Opened via our customer support portal

  • Opened by a user with your company’s email domain / working with partner agencies

Tips for to get a speedy resolution:

  • Provide a problem statement

  • Include the space or entry ID if applicable

  • Include whether production is affected

  • Attach logs, screenshots and details of when and where the issue occurs

What is an SLA? 

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are legally binding performance criteria our service adheres to. The criteria include guaranteed uptime and response time and vary by the SLA type. Automated service monitoring, on-call teams, and risk mitigation procedures underpinning our SLA commitments form an integral part of the enterprise product offering. As a result, customers can only purchase SLAs as a part of an Enterprise tier agreement, and not on Team or Community tiers.

NOTE: All enterprise agreements require an SLA.

Platform status

Our platform status page is always up to date and shows the current platform status.

The Contentful platform is constantly being monitored by our engineering team. In the event of any issue affecting the health and operation of Contentful infrastructure, core systems, or tools, our dedicated operations team is notified and will work to immediately diagnose and correct any issues.

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