Contentful selected as a Cool Vendor by Gartner

As Contentful is getting more and more traction, our recent progress is duly noticed amongst analyst firms. Now Gartner, a world-leading US-based technology analyst firm, has selected us as a Cool Vendor. “This is a big honour for us, as Gartner reviews hundreds of content management companies every year and selects three to five as Cool Vendors”, says Sascha Konietzke, CEO of Contentful. This reconfirms our strategic market vision, especially after us winning Red Herring Top 100 Europe honours just last month.

Key takeaways

Gartner takes note of our lean and potentially disruptive approach to content management and highlights our recent successes with high-profile, enterprise-class globally-present customers. The full report is available on the Gartner website, titled “Cool Vendors in Content Management, 2015” from 28 April 2015 by Kenneth Chin, Gavin Tay, Whit Andrews, Karen M. Shegda, Debra Logan, and Mick MacComascaigh.

Contentful core principles

We’re really excited that the innovations we bring to the marketplace are now recognized by analyst firms, especially as in the past the analyst firms have been conservatively focused on user experience suites focusing on marketing buyers. Our focus has been less on the marketing buyer, but more on making developers happy and productive. And in the process making publishers and business reap great benefits in being faster and more efficient.

  • Multi-device publishing: We believe that in 2015 it’s essential to be able to reach multiple devices at once, as people can interact with content from a variety of screens. Contentful, with its API-first approach, is perfect for this purpose, as it makes delivering content to multiple devices very simple: the content for any screen will come from one single backend, a true Content as a Service (CaaS) approach.

  • Create once, publish everywhere: Lots of publishers and businesses have separate teams for separate channels. That often happens due to different systems – one CMS for the web and another for mobile – or incompatible internal organization. Contentful enables you to customize the editing experience so that you can overcome the multiple team conundrum and move to one team for all kinds of content.

  • Fast project creation cycle: Especially in today dramatic technological pace of change, publishers and businesses need to move fast. Contentful leads to an enormous acceleration of project delivery speed. The overall simplicity of the product, along with comprehensive documentation and readily available support, enable developers to feel in control within hours. And to build apps and sites in impressively short time periods, just like Axel Springer did for its award-winning Kompakt app.

  • Low total cost of ownership: Contentful was built to be affordable, as well as to be scalable and fast. We have built service-oriented, enterprise-grade cloud architecture which our customers can just use for their projects, not having to deal with low-level technical aspects. There are no maintenance issues, scaling issues no necessity for urgent security patches (which occur with open-source system so often), and overall much less stress.

About Gartner and Cool Vendor

Each year Gartner, the world leading information technology research and advisory company, identifies new Cool Vendors in key technology areas and publishes a series of research reports highlighting these innovative vendors and their products and services.

Cool Vendors in content management provide IT leaders, business buyers, HR and marketing strategists with innovative solutions to help them share, deliver, manage and archive content. Enterprises need new content management solutions that can be deployed in the cloud and easily integrate the disparate content storages.

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