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As the month of June comes to a close, many cities are in full celebration mode for Pride—including in Berlin and San Francisco, home of Contentful’s offices. This month is always a reminder of the rich tapestry of people in our teams and among our customers, and serves as a point of reflection on diversity.

While the tech industry workplace is not always the most diverse—much to its own detriment—I am filled with hope when I look around at my colleagues at Contentful. Contentful is one of the most diverse companies I have ever worked for. Among more than 200 employees, we have people from almost 50 different countries. Of those in management positions, 40% are women; significantly higher than the industry average.

Malcolm Forbes once said that diversity is “the art of thinking independently together,” and that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Contentful. Each employee brings a unique background, life experience, education, and point of view, creating a rich diversity of thought and ultimately better solutions for our customers. Plus, our network of developers, agency partners and customers appreciate connecting with people who reflect their diversity too.

Not only are we a diverse group of people, but we also actively cultivate it. A large segment of our employees are engaged in discussions around diversity and how we can continue to make Contentful a welcoming place for people of all backgrounds. When recruiting, we use creative ways to reach a diverse candidate pool; casting a wide net and identifying the best possible talent, anywhere and everywhere it is.

Our diversity is clear every time our company gets together, whether it's a fun off-site this month in Berlin, or in our monthly town hall meetings. Openness and inclusiveness is in our DNA: one of our core values is to “Talk Openly,” because we believe diversity of thought and background equals better solutions.

From a technical perspective, we’re an open and inclusive platform—people can program in the language of their choice, using the tools that work best, down to employees being able to pick their hardware and operating systems based on what makes them most productive. And applications of Contentful run the gamut of almost every digital use case imaginable, from energy companies to retailers, and from websites to wearables to Times Square billboards. 

In honor of Pride month, we want to invite people from all backgrounds to take a look at Contentful. If you’re interested in joining an amazing team, one that will welcome you with open arms regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else, check out our Careers page!

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