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August 15, 2018


Happy August! This month we're crossposting our Developer Newsletter to our blog. In this post we'll be covering our latest changes, favorite UI Extension, and articles from the past month.

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UI Extension of the Month - Visual Select Field

Frontend Engineer at SumUp, Connor Bär, created a UI extension to provide a visual editor to preview and select card schemes using the Symbols field type. Even when you're not dealing with payment, this UI Extension can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

Did you make a UI Extension you want to be shared with the Contentful Developer Community? Reply to this email to let us know. Every newsletter we'll be featuring our favorite extension that we've used in the past month!

Our favorite posts

How to evolve your digital products with environments

Artas Bartas, product manager at Contentful, introduces the latest improvements to space environments, now featuring the two features many of you have requested - developer access and webhook filters. Find out how other developers leverage CI/CD for better productivity or build your very first automated pipeline.

The understated innovation of static site generators

Contentful CTO, Paolo Negri, takes a moment to reflect on the new wave of static site generators and how they've evolved to become the new tool for content publishing. Using a static site generator, you can implement an "upside-down stack," where the database or other services come first.

A Serverless alternative to WordPress

Antonio Terreno, CTO of the Labrador, runs through his experience using Contentful, Gatsby, and Lambda to build a serverless alternative Wordpress. He also takes a moment to run through the cost savings of his new tech stack versus utilizing Wordpress hosting.

Integrating migrations in a continuous delivery pipeline with CircleCI

This past week I posted a new tutorial on how to combine space environments, and the Contentful migration tooling to integrate changes to your content model into your CI Pipeline. While we've posted a concept guide before, this tutorial shows how to implement these concepts with CircleCI. Want to learn more? I'll be hosting webinar, August 21st at 11 am EST, running through this tutorial that you can join. Check out the code on GitHub or the tutorial and let me know what you think!

Meet us on the Road


  • Aug. 24th-26th, Likeminds 3.0 our very own Mario Bodemann will present AR w/ Contentful. More details here at If you want to join our crew, the code "Contentful" gets 15% off tickets!

Berlin FOOBAR Meetups

Keep up with all Contentful events by visiting our events page.

Change Log

Webhooks are now transformable

Want to see it in action? Stefan Judis created a video to walk you through this new feature!

Developers can now customize the HTTP method, content-type and request body of any webhook. This enables direct connections to APIs of services such as:

  • Triggering builds for static sites with fine control over branches or environmental variables on continuous delivery platforms such as Circle CI, Travis CI or GitLab

  • Sending direct messages to Slack or SMS via Twilio

  • Sending emails via Mailgun

  • and many more

For a full specification of the transformations, please refer to the Content Management API docs or the webhook concepts article.

New "Environments" permission for roles

Roles have been extended with an Environments permission, which controls whether a role is allowed to manage and access sandbox environments. Visit our docs to see how this new permission can be used or enable it using the WebApp for a role of your choice:

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