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Getting Started with Contentful and GraphQL

GraphQL Delivery API

GraphQL is a query language that allows developers to shape API call responses tailored to their needs.

In order to maximize the advantage of GraphQL, Contentful has a new offering, currently in alpha ; the GraphQL Delivery API. This API provides each space with a GraphQL schema based on its content types. The schema gets regenerated every time these content types are updated.

Note:- The GraphQL API is not ready for production use. It is under active development and in order to demonstrate the current capabilities of this API, a space using the example application space template is created. To explore the schema interactively, use the GraphiQL provided below or open it in a new tab.

Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback using the feedback button, or connect with us on Slack. Also, stay updated of the changes done to GraphQL delivery API by following the alpha changelog.

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