Contentful September developer update

September 24, 2018


It's already September - that means fall has arrived... along with new updates from Contentful to you. In this month's developer update, we’re covering our latest changes, video tutorials, and articles from the past month.

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Our favorite posts

How to set up your own knowledge base with React, Contentful, and Netlify

Stefan Judis, a developer evangelist at Contentful, created an awesome video tutorial series to walk through the steps to creating a React site that helps you document things you learn. Make sure to check out both part one and part two of his tutorial series.

An extremely picky developer's take on static site generators for PHP: Part 2 - Jigsaw

Davide Borsatto, PHP ecosystem developer at Contentful, takes a moment to update his evaluation of PHP static site generators by exploring Jigsaw, a tool which promises to bring a Laravel-based approach to the world of PHP.

Getting Sh*t Done with Jekyll

Ronan Berder, founder of Wiredcraft, takes a look into what it takes to build a larger website (like from the ground up with Jekyll), keep it easy updatable, and what it takes to make it scale.

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Change Log

Added webhook templates to trigger CI/CD processes when content changes

We added webhook templates to trigger builds on CI/CD/PaaS services:

  • Trigger a build with the Circle CI

  • Trigger a build with Travis CI

  • Trigger a build with Gitlab

  • Trigger a build with Heroku

  • Trigger a cloud function with Webtask

Secret values for webhook headers

Headers provided for a webhook can now be marked as secret. A secret header value cannot be revealed in plain text anywhere in the system, including the Web App, API responses and webhook logs. Only the webhook target can receive the value of the secret header.

Headers can be marked as "secret" in the Web App webhook editor or using the Content Management API.

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Did you work on something that we missed? If you have something that you want to be shared with the rest of the Contentful Community, let me know. I want to hear about the stuff that you build this month!

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