4 digital transformation tips to help you along the way

Digital transformation is how businesses adapt to the impact of rapidly emerging technology. Successful organizations can accelerate their progress by balancing technology wins with strategies that help individuals and teams adapt. No matter where you are on your journey, here are four digital transformation tips you can set yourself up for success.

1. Focus on core business objectives

Identify key stops on your digital road map, Use these to guide digital transformation, while adopting technology that helps you work smarter and faster. According to The 2017 State of Digital Transformation report, companies that excelled focused on the digital customer experience and employee buy-in to define their path to transformation.

2. Hire the right people, invest in digital skills

This goes beyond recruiting digital talent. According to CIO.com, demand for cloud, application and software developers outpaces supply, and education programs can’t keep up with cutting-edge technology. Businesses that want to be industry leaders should invest in training and change management programs to build a culture that supports innovation and empowers employees to gain the skills they need to move their careers and the company forward.

3. Match processes and culture to support ongoing innovation

To transform, businesses should aim to unify silos, integrate technology and enable data and insights to flow freely across business units. Long planning and procurement processes should be replaced with agile methods, and teams should feel safe to experiment and fail. The the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework calls out that “traditional waterfall methods of program and project management typically fail to keep up with the pace of iterative changes necessary for cloud adoption...”

4. Adopt modern, cloud-native technology

Making day-to-day operations more efficient is a vital part of a successful digital strategy. “It’s not uncommon for 80% of IT budgets to be consumed by ‘keeping the lights on’ — maintaining existing software applications, servers, and networks.” writes Tom Davenport in Fortune’s "Why No One Wants to be a Chief Information Officer Anymore." Replacing high-maintenance legacy systems with modern cloud infrastructure can free up budget and developer resources.

The tools you’re investing in should grow with you — no one wants to replatform onto a new CMS every four to five years. From low-cost, low-risk options that a pioneer can try out on a small POC, to enterprise solutions with higher levels of support, Contentful’s content platform can meet you where you are on your transformation journey and help you move to the next stage and beyond.

Want to learn more? Download our road map for becoming a digital-first organization.

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