The Contentful developer newsletter, May 2020

May 15, 2020


Hello, everybody! Welcome to this month’s Contentful developer newsletter about building digital products, web development and all things Contentful. 

Exciting things from the internets An easing animation functions cheat sheet. Animations + math = ❤️

jamstackfns: A growing collection of serverless functions for your next JAMstack project.

Node.js best practices: A summary and curation of the top-ranked content on Node.js best practices. Highly recommended if you do JavaScript!

Community starter of the month

Wojciech Kocjan created this portfolio starter with Gatsby and Contentful. It even includes MailChimp newsletter integration! If you’ve always wanted to share your photography with the world, now’s the time!

Awesome people making awesome things

Using Angular as a front-end for Contentful

Kishan Gajera has not only been a champion on Stack Overflow, but also spreads the word on Angular development with Contentful.

Getting started with JAM-stack: Amplify, Gatsby and Contentful

Antoine Le Guern shared how to build for the JAMstack on AWS Amplify.

Build a static blog with Next.js and Contentful

Mike Robinson kicked off an article series covering building for the web using Next.js and Vercel (formerly Zeit).

Create a Blog with Contentful and Nuxt

Sarah Drasner is the best! She made a demo and tutorial with Contentful and Nuxt! And the best thing, it uses Animal Crossing. ❤️

Thank you for being awesome and part of our community! 🎉 If you build something worth sharing with the community, please reach out to us!

Contentful corner

Contentful developers worldwide

A LinkedIn group now exists. Let’s connect! 👋

Dreamstacks, episode one

Algolia and Contentful are hosting a podcast now! 🎉 Amelia discussed with Seth Kranzler and Alexander Larson how it is to be a developer at a creative agency, making cool projects and staying sane while working from home.

Amelia also wrote a blog post with a lot of advice on how to make a great podcast. If you make one too, please share it with us.


Did you ever wonder how to build custom dashboards right in the Contentful interface? Apps can now render full pages and hook into the main navigation.  

Check out our developer documentation for apps and an example in our apps repository. What full page apps would you like to build? We love to hear your ideas!

Have gripes about your CMS? You migh win $500 while making it better!

Demand the changes you want in a CMS now and be entered to win a $500 Amazon gift card!

Until next time!

Let us know what you think of the dev newsletter and what you’d like to see more of via Twitter. Until then, stay safe and talk to you next month!

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