The Contentful developer newsletter, June 2020

Hello, friends! This Contentful developer newsletter is all about building digital products, web development and all things Contentful. This month, the sun is shining and our succulents are growing:

Exciting things from the internet

A Single Div: a CSS drawing project

Lynn Fisher will inspire you to start making some awesome CSS drawings of your own. CSS drawings are impressive by themselves, but Lynn does it all in a single div!

Awesome creative coding resources

One giant GitHub resource for tons of fun creative coding libraries, tutorials and friends.

Make sure to rickroll people trying to break into your site

Liam Hammett tweets some tricky inspo and we are here for it.

Community starter of the month

Mate: Gatsby starter

This is one of my favorite Contentful starters — we hope you enjoy it.

Awesome people making awesome things

Why is my item null when using .NET SDK?

Robert Linde walks you through why your item may be null when using the Contentful .NET SDK. The .NET SDK, thankfully, has a solution!

Turn information into a blog using Eleventy

This handy starter created by Oscar has an elegant tutorial to accompany it.

You’ve got this from home

Our Developer Evangelist Shy Ruparel has put together a great conference to help devs with life skills. He did this on his own (with tons of coffee and high fives).

Enable preview mode on a site powered by Next.js and Contentful

Help out your friends who create content previews of what their work would look like when it's live. Brought to you by Stacie Taylor.

Thank you for being awesome and part of our community!

If you build something that you’d like to share with the community, please reach out or join our slack org.

Contentful corner

Tip of the month: did you know you can press 'q' anywhere in the Contentful web app to search entries, assets and content types? Try it out.

Running static sites with GitHub actions

In this blog post and tutorial, Shy Ruparel explains how to run static stites with GitHub actions and Eleventy.

Someone trying to run static site builds with GitHub actions, Contentful and 11ty

Webinar: We are open-sourcing our field editors

In this webinar, Shy Ruparel teams up with Aleksandr Suevalov from the Contentful Extensibility team to build an extension using these open-source components.

Dreamstacks episode 2: Live coding!

Algolia and Contentful host a podcast now! We chatted with Sam Agnew, Sarah Dayan, Dan Gorelick and Shy Ruparel about their tips and tricks for becoming a live coding star. We covered stage fright, light mode and what to do when things go wrong. We also shared ways in which we are staying connected and giving back to our local communities.


Ability to control reference link actions

We’ve released new appearance settings for reference fields (single reference, many references, single media, many media files) that give content modelers the ability to hide link actions per field. This will help streamline the experience for editors.

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