The Contentful developer newsletter, August 2020

We’re excited to announce Contentful’s new Community edition. Now developers can use more of Contentful for free, forever. Get GraphQL and all the content types and records you need to start building something great with our new Community edition. Read more about it from our founder Sascha Konietzke.

If you have any questions about the Community edition and the new pricing, please send them to us by replying to this email. We’re having an AMA and would love to answer your questions.

All about GraphQL

Our succulents have been learning.

Learn GraphQL for free

We released a video series to help you learn GraphQL — created by our very own Stefan Judis! The videos are in bite-sized bits that are very nutritious. 

DreamStacks episode three: GraphQL supergroup!

In this episode of DreamStacks, developers from Hasura, Algolia and Contentful talk about the projects they have been making with GraphQL. They also talk about invisible pets, games that keep us connected to our co-workers, tips on productivity hacking and how ridiculous we all look in VR.

GraphQL Live Streams 

Every Tuesday starting the 11th of August at 8ampst / 11am pst / 5pm Berlin time our DevRel team and guests will hang out on youTube live to talk about GraphQL and answer questions.

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Exciting things from the internet

GraphQL API in 10 minutes 

Build your first GraphQL API with Hasura.

Rename your repo from Master to Main

Alexis Moody writes on about how and why you should consider renaming your master branch to main. Another way you can make this change is to update to Git 2.28 and define a new default branch name when running git init.

Generating TypeScript types and React Hooks based on GraphQL endpoint

Autogenerate Typescript types and custom React hooks in React applications with GraphQL Code Generator.

Website of the month

Corrina Chow made the Contentful creative website of the month. We love your style and are super excited about how all the windows are draggable!

Awesome people making awesome things

Contentful Creators Podcast and webinar

Marcelo Lewin is back with an awesome episode all about JavaScript with Dan Cortes. There is also a great video webinar featuring Johan Li, a Senior Developer at Collegial, who shows us how to create a blog article using Contentful as the back end and React as the front end.  

CloudFlare TV from scratch 

Build your own using Contentful created by Oliver Yu.

GitHub Hero!

Community Member Tyler Hall made a big PR to our Contentful GitHub Action project! You rock!

Automating photos and Python

Max Mitchell created this awesome tutorial on automating Contentful Photo Publishing with Python on

Fresh JAMstack project

Cole Turner has a great tutorial for those of you looking for a fresh JAMstack project. Here he uses Next.js, Vercel and Contentful as a way to migrate a React web application to the JAMStack.

Thank you for being awesome and part of our community! If you build something that you’d like to share with the community, please reach out over email, Twitter or join our slack org.

The Contentful corner

Editor interface and open-source field editors

Our Developer Evangelist Shy Ruparel and Contentful Staff Engineer Aleksandr Suevalov created a fun technical webinar and live demo on customizing the editor interface with our open-source field editors. Great job you two! 

Blog post about Shy's 11ty starter 

Shy also wrote an awesome article about his 11ty starter. I’m a huge fan of Shy and 11ty — so that’s cool.

Contentful’s knowledge base POC app is in our marketplace!

The knowledge base app allows non-technical teams to spin up a knowledge base website in five minutes, without any coding involved.

Contentful tip

Nice web app! A Contentful tip from our very own Contentful friend Marcelo Lewin: In the web app, you can see if an entry is used by another entry.  Very helpful.


NPM and Create-Contentful-App

Our extensibility team just released create-contentful-app on NPM. This new CLI tool allows you to quickly start using our App Framework with a bootstrapped app that works out of the box. So, less thinking and more writing. We also released some quick docs that come with ASMR-level videos to get you up and running.

Until next time!

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