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October 13, 2020


Hello friends,

We're entering autumn and this month we have more to share than excellent resources. Are you ready?

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We're happy to announce Contentful's first customer conference! You can mark October 29 in your calendar — it's time for the Contentful community to come together, have some fun and share our knowledge! 🎉

Fast Forward – Contentful's first customer conference

The Contetnful Fast Forward conference banner with abstract graphics

On Oct. 29 we will be hosting Fast Forward – Contentful’s first virtual conference, where we’ll share our vision for supporting our customers in the digital-first era.

For developers, we’ll have three workshops packed with inspiration on spinning up new sites using GraphQL, extending Contentful with our App Framework and a content modeling exercise on breaking up content into reusable chunks to scale and grow it across multiple channels.

You can register today at And the best part – it's free! 

See you there! 👋

Contentful live streams

Every Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. PDT / 11:00 a.m. EDT / 5:00 p.m. CEST, our DevRel team and guests hang out on YouTube Live and Twitch to talk about GraphQL, Contentful tooling and answer questions.

This month's highlight was the session with Rachel Church from Clover. Rachel taught us how to generate Typescript type definitions from a content model. I highly recommend watching this episode if you're using Typescript and Contentful.

Screenshot of the Contentful livestream about auto-generating typescript for your content model

Past episodes

Missed a live stream? You can find all past streams on YouTube, and here are the last three!

  1. Auto-generating Typescript for your content model

  2. Building a static site with GraphQL and eleventy

  3. Contentful migration tooling

More episodes to come! Follow us on Twitch or YouTube for notifications about the next streams. 

If you want to join our streams, reply to this email or let us know on Slack. We love to have guests!

Exciting things from the internet

The failed promise of Web Components

I always loved the concept of web components and custom elements. The developer community never adopted them, though. Lea Verou had a critical look at their current state, and she shares ideas on what we have to do to make custom elements really a thing.

What Is IKEA Effect And How To Benefit From It?

Rajan Panchal explains the "IKEA effect" and its benefits. How does this furniture seller relate to software development, you might ask. Read the article and find out that building software is very similar to assembling the tiny IKEA shelf we all have.

A high-performance blog template for 11ty

One of the main selling points for using Eleventy as your next static site generator is that Eleventy sites are fast! To make them even faster, Malte Ubl released a high performance Eleventy blog template! It's packed with web performance best practices. I highly recommend having a look!

Awesome people making awesome things

Migrating the changelog to the Contentful CMS

Jonnie Hallman shared how he migrated one of his side projects to Contentful. He uses Nuxt and deploys to Vercel. That's such a great combination!

Awesome Contentful App – Trigger custom webhooks right from the sidebar

Last month we shared that we revamped our awesome list on GitHub. 🎉

This month we can celebrate our first addition! Younes Riad built an app that allows you to send and configure custom webhooks right from the Contentful entry sidebar! You can find installation instructions on GitHub. Thank you, Younes!

Screenshot of a step in the process of creating a custom web hook

The Contentful corner

Combining Contentful GraphQL and Postgres via Hasura

One of GraphQL's strengths is that it comes with a schema definition. It allows developers to combine several APIs into a single API endpoint. Shy wrote a tutorial on how to stitch together Hasura and Contentful.

Getting started with Contentful and GraphQL

Amelia describes how she set up a content model to build a site for her dog, Cowboy. If you’re wondering how to get started with GraphQL (or want to see a ridiculously cute dog), this post is for you!

Free demo: Doing more with apps: How to build your first Contentful dashboard

Oct 15 my colleagues John and Artas will run a webinar on the App Framework. They'll explain what Contentful Apps are and teach you how to build a completely custom Analytics dashboard right in the Contentful UI.

Contentful tip

Did you know that you can use our CLI tooling to create a migration file from a space content model, create a new space and then apply the content model in a fresh space? You can do all that right from the command line and it only takes one minute!

Screenshot of the process of using CLItool to create a Contentful space


A new and shiny entry reference view

The entry editor now includes a reference view. This view enables you to quickly navigate nested entries and also to apply mass actions like validate or publish.

Screenshot of the entry reference view

SCIM integration with OneLogin

Contentful’s SCIM integration has now been added into OneLogin’s app catalogue with full user provisioning support. This means that user roles & permissions can now be managed directly from OneLogin. 

Custom environment aliases

Users that have opted in to the environment aliases feature can now create up to two additional custom environment aliases. Read more about it in our API documentation.

Visit our Dev portal to stay up to date! It includes developer blog posts, videos and our newsletter! Let us know via Slack or Twitter how we can continue to help you make awesome things.

Stay safe and talk to you next month!

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