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Engineering and product teams are at the heart of Contentful

You want to build the next generation of technology

So long, old content management systems. You'll be crafting a solution to some of the most-hated software out there (according to Stackoverflow's developer survey).

You value smart people who challenge you

We're about building a product you're proud of, surrounded by experienced teammates who drive you to raise your game and keep learning.

You want to solve problems and make a big impact

Because of your team's work, the world's biggest brands are able to create new digital experiences that dazzle their customers. That's no small feat.

So, what are we building?

A better way to create digital experiences

We're replacing legacy CMSes. Customers choose Contentful's platform to accelerate how their teams build for digital at enterprise scale.

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Most engineers ask these questions

Like you, we appreciate straight answers

How big will Contentful grow?
We currently have 2,000+ paying customers, 400,000 users and 10,000 websites in production. We’ve received nearly $80 million funding from investors like General Catalyst, Sapphire Ventures, and more.
How is the product perceived?
We're built by and for developers. We have the most stars on Github and we’ve got some of the most robust, well-documented APIs out there.
How does the product perform?
Unlike many fledgling competitors, our infrastructure, security, and development and operations are truly enterprise-grade. That gives us the ability to handle Black Friday traffic, Super Bowl ads and Times Square billboards.
Who's in charge?
Our smart, experienced engineering and product leadership team has a deep background in enterprise B2B SaaS, coming from top tech firms and even our competitors.

What's the culture like?

You'll have a whole team behind you

Your future colleagues come from 60+ countries, our engineering managers are as diverse as their teams and we support your career growth with educational and leadership opportunities.

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What's the big picture?

You'll build the next-generation platform for creating digital experiences

Head and shoulders above headless CMS
We're the pioneer and market leader (roughly 10x larger than our nearest competitor) in a fast-growing industry that's changing the way enterprises manage content.
Big opportunities on a growth-minded team
We've doubled our revenue each of the last three years and we're investing heavily in engineering and product team growth.
First to market with the important stuff
Our engineering teams are leading innovation: first with GraphQL API in production, first with an App Framework that makes Contentful endlessly extensible.
We're always investing in you
You'll have a dedicated budget and days off for professional development, plus internal classes run by your colleagues to keep honing your skills.

When we work well, brands work better

We're helping the world's biggest brands innovate in digital

increase in ecommerce conversion
increase in conversion from online store search
faster in 
load time
increase in average order value
Case Study

How a high-end audio-visual company is making significant ecommerce gains with Contentful

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    Apply now
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    Learn more about Contentful. Go on, ask us questions!
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    Put your skills to the test
    Show us your software development skills in a coding test.
  4. 4
    Meet your hiring manager
    Connect with the person who would be your engineering manager. They'll help you do your best work.
  5. 5
    Meet the team
    Get to know the people who will help contribute to your success from other teams and departments.
  6. 6
    Reference check
    We verify your employment eligibility.
  7. 7
    Decision and feedback
    You'll hear a yes or no promptly throughout the process and at all stages, with our genuine thanks for investing your time in Contentful.
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