Legal FAQ

What accommodations will be made for COVID-19 precautions?

At present, we aren’t requiring individuals to be vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination to attend the event. We’ll continue to monitor Covid-19 cases as the event date approaches and have the right to amend this policy as we see fit. If you test positive for Covid-19, were recently exposed, or are experiencing symptoms of the virus prior to the event, we ask that you stay home out of respect for the health and safety of those attending.

What kind of content is stored in Contentful?

Contentful is a content management system, not a generic database. Your editorial team can use Contentful to create, store and manage a variety of content formats - from text and images to location data and structured item lists. As a rule, all this content is intended for the wider public and is freely accessible through your websites, mobile apps, digital kiosks, etc. The public nature of editorial content means it is not subject to confidentiality or privacy restrictions.

Since Contentful was built from the ground up to serve editorial content, that has certain legal and technical implications for the type of content you deliver through our platform. You should be fine storing typical editorial content which includes:

  • News articles (e.g. politics, sports, fashion)
  • Blog posts for your website
  • Product information (e.g. product descriptions for an e-commerce store)
  • Store locations and hours
  • Photo galleries and short videos
  • In-app notifications

We strongly discourage you from storing any sensitive, regulated, or ephemeral content on our platform, including:

  • Any user-generated content such as comments, posts, images, peer-to-peer messaging
  • Any sensitive data such as user accounts, email addresses, payment details, private keys
  • Any sensor-produced data such as GPS waypoints, temperature readings, electricity consumption, traffic and weather conditions
  • Any real-time data such as sports scores, exchange rates, trading orders, flight tracking data
  • Any personal data (also known as personally identifiable information, or PII). Because our service is intended for public information that you wish to publish, we specifically do not allow personal data that is sensitive or so called special categories of personal data (as these are defined in applicable laws), or any regulated data (which may include data such as health, medical or financial data).

What do I need to bring to the event?

You’ll want to bring a photo ID to enter the event venue. We also recommend bringing a notebook and something to write with to jot down any epiphanies and/or key learnings.

Why would my organization want to use Contentful?

Contentful provides the ready-to-use infrastructure for powering your content-driven applications. Thanks to our service, your development team can channel its efforts to building out modules providing high business value and launching new projects quickly, instead of building, scaling and maintaining the underlying plumbing.

By focusing on developing, managing and scaling content infrastructure for thousands of customers, Contentful can ensure that your content is delivered faster, stays more secure, and is always accessible. All this, at a fraction of the cost it takes to achieve similar performance levels with an in-house team.

How does Contentful deliver its services?

Contentful is a cloud-based content infrastructure with application programming interfaces for developers and additional tooling (software development kits) for specific programming languages. Contentful develops and operates its service as a multi-tenant environment.

This means that your organization does not need to run any software (besides the presentation layer in which content is displayed) on your systems, but instead is granted access to the content stored in the Contentful cloud-based backend.

Due to its cloud-based architecture, Contentful does not ship installable proprietary software. Contentful is solely used as a cloud service, all intellectual property rights of the Contentful platform stay with Contentful. This also means that Contentful does not provide customer-specific tailored services or software or other professional services more usual in custom-built IT projects.

Who is this event for?

This is an in-person event curated for anyone interested in reinvigorating their content strategy. Technical skills or experience working with Contentful or any other CMS software not required! Although we will have plenty of content for you developers out there as well.

Can we pay by check, wire transfer or PayPal?

Our self-service tier is built for the highest degree of automation, which permits us to offer self-service plans at low prices.

Adding custom payment terms or payment methods would result in high running costs and make the current plan prices untenable.

For this reason, we only accept payments by credit card on the self-service tier. Get in touch with our sales team for the Premium version of Contentful, where we also support purchase orders, wire transfers (ACH, SEPA) and checks.

Can we change or amend the terms of service?

Just as for payment methods, offering custom legal terms would incur a lot of additional costs making it unsustainable for us to offer self-service plans at the current price levels.

For this reason, we do not support any changes to our online terms nor signing of any additional agreements nor carrying out of custom security audits on our self-service tier.

If you require more flexibility, contact our sales team to find out about the Premium version of Contentful, where we offer more room for custom agreements.

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