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Contentful developers Meetups

Think of your talk as a tutorial for other developers. It should include a problem, an explanation of how you combined Contentful, code, or other software to find a solution, and, in the best case, a demo of the final outcome. The best talks are actionable. Ideally, your audience could pick up a laptop and have an idea of how to start recreating your solution when you have finished.

Creating Your Talk

  1. We recommend starting with a very simple outline of your talk. Three sentences addressing the problem, solution, and how you'll show the final outcome, should be enough.
  2. Email this to martin.walker@contentful.com. Our developer relations team will take a look and give feedback about the direction of the talk within two days.
  3. Create the full presentation. We are always open to answering questions over email or setting up a quick call for presentation feedback and guidance during this part of the process.
  4. Email us your finished talk for a quick final review, and any last minute tweaks.

Deadlines and deliverables

  1. Outline — Two weeks before the meetup. The outline shouldn't take more than ten minutes! It's just a quick check to make sure the topic is right for the audience at the meetup. Please include the speaker deliverables with the outline (number 3), and don't worry if they change in the future.
  2. Final Presentation - One week before the meetup. Along with the final presentation please include any updates to the speaker deliverables. An early deadline gives us more time to promote your talk.
  3. Speaker Deliverables - Name, short bio, talk title,talk abstract.
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