Focus on your content, not servers and maintenance

Content infrastructure: enabling you to go serverless

Serverless architecture with Contentful

Serverless puts server operation in expert hands. Contentful lets you easily store content and deliver it on any device and platform, so developers can focus on writing code and creators on crafting content. All while keeping you in control of your stack.

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Focus on coding and producing content, not on maintaining backend databases
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Use your favorite development stack and platforms
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Boost effectiveness and speed of cross-platform development using microservices
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Easily scalable, flexible and customizable with features such as UI extensions
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Use query languages such as GraphQL for superior data and schema mapping

Do what you're best at doing

Use your favourite languages and frameworks
You can use just about any language under the sun from Python to Java, and extend functionality with AWS Lambda.
Test and develop more effectively
With no hardware and hosting to worry about, and Contentful’s space environments, you can launch and iterate faster with a continuous delivery/integration workflow.
Keep your site online and your worries at bay
Static sites have a smaller attack vector, meaning better security, while going serverless and a global CDN ensure high uptime.
Endless tutorials and multiple solutions
With extensive support for lots of tools and languages, plus a diverse number of tutorials and guides, picking up and using Contentful is a breeze.

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