Solution: Global marketing and localization

Is localizing content slowing down your global marketing strategy?

Major brands count on Contentful to streamline workflows, unify branding and accelerate global content creation
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Sophisticated content localization made easy
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Deliver localized content at scale

Customers want content that is relevant to them. Brands want consistency. With Contentful you can deliver both to every locale, on every device.

Centralized campaign management combined with cutting-edge localization features makes content localization easier to manage and faster to deliver.

Rapidly expand your business into new markets. Spend less time on the logistics of localization so you can focus on delivering sophisticated campaigns that engage, convert and retain customers across global markets.

Modular content and granular user controls keep universal campaign elements consistent across microsites while offering more flexibility to localize and personalize content. Integrations with best-in-class technology, including a translation platform, streamline workflows and accelerate content creation and deployment.

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