Content operations just got easier with scheduled publishing, comments and tasks

No one wants to be the one stuck staying up until midnight to press GO on a big marketing launch or product drop. With scheduled publishing, you can set up timed content releases in Contentful. Now you can rest easy and know your updates will arrive on time across all your digital platforms.

That’s not the only feature we’ve rolled out to make content operations easier. All users can now add comments in the sidebar of an entry to aid collaboration, and premium plan customers can create and assign tasks to better manage content rollouts directly in the web app.

Schedule content updates across all platforms

If you’re running time-sensitive marketing campaigns, or just want to queue up finished work, it’s now easy to handle in the Contentful web app. You can schedule content to be published directly in the sidebar, even adding multiple actions if you want to unpublish or republish again later.

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You can toggle your content scheduling actions in the sidebar overview. If publishing fails for any reason, you’ll receive an email notification so you can add the missing field and correct course.

Comment and collaborate

When multiple people are working on the same entry, they might need a way to communicate directly in the web app about the status of a project, like requesting a proofread or asking about image selections. To make collaboration easier, we’ve added commenting as a feature for all users.


Keep tabs on your to-dos with tasks

The bigger teams and products get, the more complex project workflows become. With this exclusive feature for premium plans, teams can add, assign and edit tasks in the web app sidebar. When a task is created, the assignee gets an email notification; when they mark it complete, the person who assigned the task is notified.


To make sure your content isn’t shipped before it's ready, publishing is blocked until everything is marked complete. So you can hit publish on your next big launch without fear, knowing there’s nothing left open and nothing left standing between your customers and a conversion.


Want to learn more about managing content across digital platforms? Check out our guide on content operations for editorial teams.

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