Forrester features Contentful in their market overview for Web Content Management

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December 10, 2014


The global research and advisory firm Forrester just released their “Market Overview: Web Content Management For Digital Experiences” earlier this week. We are very pleased to see that Contentful, as the only API-first provider, is featured in their report.

In the report, Forrester analyst Ted Schadler argues that even though the name “web content management” is antiquated, the tools have never been as important as they are today. With a billion public websites, multi-device and mobile-first being the new norm, fragmentation is omnipresent and massive change is on its way. You can get the full report on the Forrester website.

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The report covers the usual suspects of enterprise vendors, but emphasizes that finding the right tool for the job is increasingly becoming the mindset as technology management leaders are choosing a CMS. This task-orientation towards vendor selection was also pointed out in the most recent WCM report from Gartner, which Contentful was also featured in.

Self service for business users, cloud hosted solutions, mobile and cross-channel delivery are highlighted as some the main forces driving the industry:
"When choosing a new WCM solution, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals must consider the disruptive impact of mobile, cloud, data, integration, and increasingly impatient business practitioners."

With mobile apps solidifying its leadership in terms of usage, simplifying the process of publishing across channels has become critical. By allowing editors and content creators to manage content across platforms from a single cloud-based location, without having to bug their developers, Contentful is at the forefront of these market trends. We are looking forward to further work on our integrations with relevant adjacent solutions.

Contentful has several advantages over the legacy CMS

Apart from being the only API-first WCM provider to be featured in the report, Contentful is also the only vendor to build on a NodeJS and Erlang tech stack, amongst the other Java, .NET and PHP-based solution – all available from within a headless CMS.

This is because most of the other vendors have been launched way before these modern stacks were available and are thus stuck with their inherent shortcomings. This also points to some of the typical architectural challenges encountered by legacy CMS that were originally designed to run on a server.

Contentful however, is designed from the ground up to be operating a service in the cloud, thus our tech stack helps us achieve speed, scale, and extremely high uptime in our content management-as-a-service offering.

We are very excited to see that the leading analysts in the space are observing the same shifts in web content management that we are and that they acknowledge us as a new challenger to the incumbents. Thanks to the team at Forrester for reaching out to us and including us in this very insightful report!

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