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UPDATE (02/01/2023): Thank you for your interest in the Studio EAP. The EAP has now ended. Learn more here.

We’re excited to introduce Contentful Studio, a solution which tackles the complex job of coordinating all the people and teams involved in creating, editing, approving, and publishing the vast range of content a business produces. It’s an intricate but essential requirement in a digital-first world — and when done right, makes coordination effortless for everyone involved.

Picture Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport — planes taxiing, landing, and zipping through the sky in flawless coordination. How does it manage to coordinate an expeditious flow of one million flights a year and ensure smooth journeys for nearly 76 million travelers?

The answer is the air traffic control (ATC) team. Sitting 400 feet above the airport, the crew oversees the skies. A team of 58 controllers contend with unpredictable weather, tight schedules, and little room for error, skillfully sequencing planes to keep them going at the fastest speed possible while ensuring adequate spacing in every direction. The goal is efficiency (i.e., fewer delays) without sacrificing safety. To make good on this, ATC must remain focused and distraction-free. 

The same goes for content teams. Delivering smooth digital journeys also requires tremendous coordination and focus. Like the control tower, content teams need to manage the movement of countless pieces of content to prevent collisions, pile-ups, and near misses. They must work independently while in close coordination to ensure content flows efficiently with minimal delays. Without behind-the-scenes synchronization, work grinds to a halt — and costly mistakes occur. 

Contentful has built just the solution to help content teams. Studio provides a new, unified editorial workspace inside Contentful that streamlines and automates the day-to-day content operations that slow down content creation and delivery.

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Managing content takes up valuable time and creative energy

While vital, the daily content operations associated with getting content produced and delivered are a huge burden on content teams.

Instead of using their creativity and doing what they're good at, teams are distracted by the many manual, error-prone, and time-consuming tasks required to assemble, edit, approve, and publish content for a growing number of digital experiences. Plus, with many dependencies on others — namely developers — content teams find themselves stuck in a holding pattern, and delays pile on.

Content teams are overwhelmed and struggling to keep content flowing through increasingly complex pipelines and lifecycles. Inefficient operations directly impact content quality and, at worst, open up organizations to a growing number of legal and reputational risks. Employee engagement and satisfaction suffer too. With an ever-growing backlog of tasks and context-switching, it becomes impossible to do good work, much less do it with a smile. 

Like air traffic control, efficient content operations provide the right visibility, guardrails, and expectations to help teams confidently turn content into digital experiences at scale. Small content teams can get by with ad hoc processes just like small airports can rely on direct pilot-to-pilot communications in lieu of ATC for coordination. But as organizations grow and expand their digital footprint, content teams need reliable, repeatable, scalable content operations.      

When content teams aren’t bogged down with the “how,” they’re free to focus on the “what.” Every minute they get back from side-stepping low-value tasks can go toward creating better content — the type that drives customer satisfaction, leads, conversions, and higher revenue.

Put a different way, efficient operations and quality content maximize the return on content investment — which is the ultimate goal.

Streamline and automate day-to-day operations with Contentful Studio

With the new Studio (in Early Access Program), content teams are no longer distracted by the daily operational tasks that multiply with an ever-increasing number of digital experiences.

Organizations that succeed, outpacing competitors and impressing customers, are those with robust and efficient operations to tackle content creation, publishing, workflows, and end-to-end content governance. (Yes, we know “governance” may sound like a dirty word, but we promise that when done right, it’s liberating rather than restrictive.)

With the new Studio (in Early Access Program), content teams are no longer distracted by the daily operational tasks that multiply with an ever-increasing number of digital experiences. Tasks that used to consume countless hours and technical resources are automated, streamlined, or simplified into straightforward tasks.

With Studio’s intuitive interface and familiar approach, content teams can immediately unlock the power of digital content. Even users who are new to Contentful and composable content can chart their own path. As a result, content teams can deliver critical projects more efficiently than ever. 

Using Studio, content teams have the time and creative energy to create great content. The app goes beyond creation, assembly, and publishing (formerly part of Compose and Launch) to include other critical aspects of the content lifecycle — such as workflows and guardrails.

Like air traffic controllers with the right tools, content teams equipped with Studio can focus and do their best work, resting assured that Studio is keeping everyone safely on the right course.

Studio is specifically designed for non-technical users who are part of larger, sophisticated content teams.

Studio is specifically designed for non-technical users who are part of larger, sophisticated content teams. Once the solution is set up and ready to go, copywriters, editors, designers, reviewers, SEO managers, and more can use an intuitive, role-specific interface to unlock the power of composable content to:

  • Create and assemble content for any channel 

  • Preview, schedule, and publish multiple pieces of content at once 

  • Keep content flowing across people and systems

  • Work autonomously and eliminate dependencies on developers 

For organizations that want to deliver engaging experiences, the flight path is clear: lighten the load with Studio and help content teams soar to new heights.

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