Ringing in 2023 with updated pricing and the Workflows app

Announcing two updates to the ContentfulⓇ Composable Content Platform: a streamlined pricing model, and general availability for workflow capabilities.
February 1, 2023


To ring in the new year, we’re introducing two updates to the ContentfulⓇ Composable Content Platform

First off, there’s a new, more streamlined pricing model. Second, workflow capabilities are out of our Early Access Program (EAP) and are now generally available (yay!). 

Wondering why we made these changes? Curious what they mean for you, your team, and the projects you plan to tackle in the new year? Allow us to explain.

1. We’re updating our pricing model

Q: Why the change in pricing model? 

Our new packaging and price points are more straightforward, making it easier to get started and grow using our platform.

We spent this last year collecting customer feedback and, after crunching the numbers, decided it was time to update our pricing model. While not a total overhaul, this update will help make decisions a whole lot simpler.

We took our old SKUs — tiers, platforms, users, paid apps, etc. — and rolled them into the plans now visible on our site: Free, Basic, and Premium. There are additional custom tailored options available if you’re working with our Sales team. 

If you’re a current Contentful customer, don’t worry — nothing has changed with your account just yet. We’re working on plans for our different customer segments, and will reach out with more information via email.

Q: How will changes in the pricing model benefit me? 

You can expect more value, less friction, and more capabilities that support scaling.

Get more value from day one and access more features at lower price points with:

  • More roles with our Free plan. Enjoy four (i.e., Admin, Editor, Author and Translator), rather than two, options to tailor team permissions further.

  • Access to Tasks and Compose apps with our Free plan. Use them to implement governance and content assemblies (formerly exclusive to our Premium plan, or as a paid add-on).

  • Lower initial price point for Basic. Get the Launch app, higher limits (for example, 20 users included), and access to our Technical Support team.

  • Added Utility Limits. Gain more monthly API calls and asset bandwidth.

Side-step friction during growth, make fewer pricing decisions, and enjoy higher limits with:

  • Our old tiers neatly rolled into new pricing. For example, users aren’t a paid add-on anymore, they’re included in each plan.

  • Increased limits across paid spaces. For example, Medium spaces now hold up to 50,000 records, instead of 25,000.

  • Separate Support and Uptime SLAs.* This supports more granular requirements.

Scale efficiently, enjoy new capabilities, and expand governance with:  

  • New orchestration features.* Reuse content and content models across your digital experiences more easily, or quickly spin up new ones whenever they’re needed.

  • New workflow capabilities.* Content editors can work independently while staying connected to others, keeping content flowing.

  • Custom Roles,* Environment Governance,* and Tasks. These features are now available on all space sizes (not just our largest spaces), offering more consistent governance.

Generous plan entitlements (i.e., Users, Custom Roles, Locales, Utility Limits, etc.). For example, our baseline Premium plan includes up to 40 locales.

New pricing benefits customers at every stage of their journey.

For details on upgrades that can further enhance what you do with our platform, visit our new and improved pricing page

*Features only available with our new Premium plan.

Related: We changed our free space limits

Remember how we mentioned using data to determine pricing changes? We also used data to inform resizing our free space — which is now limited to 25 content types.

Our retired free, or Community, spaces had the same number of content types as paid spaces — which made sense in the old model where features served as differentiators. But, this isn’t the case now that most features are included across pricing plans (i.e., roles, locales, etc.).

In short, the new Intro space, which comes as part of the Free plan, better aligns with our grow-gradually pricing model. And it comes with several upgrades — specifically more roles, increased API calls and bandwidth, and access to the Tasks and Compose apps. 

We know pricing changes can be tricky, and that this adjustment will impact some of our users. About 95% of customers currently using our free tier are within the new limits. For the 5% of you outside those limits — you power users, you — we will reach out soon with other options to ensure there’s minimal disruption to your routine.

Stay tuned! If you have questions in the meantime, we’d be happy to answer them via email at product-advocates@contentful.zendesk.com

2. The Workflows app is now generally available

Q: Why is the Workflows app graduating out of EAP?

Workflows has proved it quickly moves content from ideation all the way to publishing — no matter the number of contributors.

We took our advanced editorial capabilities beyond the basics of creation, assembly, and publishing. We added tighter integrations with the third-party systems in your tech stack through automated triggers in our Workflows app — and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive (Seriously, who doesn’t want to get more done faster?).

Workflows offers automation and governance that help organizations manage mountains of content. Teams can define clear roles and responsibilities for each step and content type. They can also outline what actions need to be taken and who should be informed or involved, keeping the content flowing across the right teams — whether that be Marketing, Support, Product, Legal, HR, Sales, or another party.

Q: How will Workflows benefit me? 

Workflows will help you better manage and govern content through its entire lifecycle.

We’ve been bursting at the seams to share the ins and outs of Workflows with a larger audience. Here’s the power you’ll be able to wield with it:

  • Create fully customizable workflows for different content types.

  • Add entries to Workflows manually or automatically upon creation.

  • Block publishing or editing on specific steps to avoid setting unreviewed content live.

  • Define who can (or can’t) move workflow steps forward.

  • Make comments while moving content to a new stage, giving context to the next assignee (or team).

  • Automate tasks and email notifications for reviewers. 

  • Automatically trigger integrations with third-party systems using App Actions. Trigger builds (e.g., Netlify), notify internal teams (e.g., Slack), translate content, and more. 

Workflows will help you better manage and govern content through its entire lifecycle.

Related: We’re sunsetting our Studio EAP

As Workflows enters the market, it’s time to sunset our Studio EAP. Customers who joined the EAP previously can continue to use Studio until March 1, 2023. On February 1 it will leave the Marketplace, meaning new installs of the EAP won’t be possible.

It’s worth noting, however, that Studio’s capabilities aren’t going away. They’re wrapped up nice and neat within our editorial apps, Compose, Launch, and Workflows. All plans get the Compose app, while Basic and Premium plans also get Launch. Workflows is reserved for Premium plans.







You can install these apps with one click in the Contentful Marketplace. And don’t worry, anything you created in the Studio EAP is waiting for you in those apps — info on how to access those items is available in-app. 

Got questions? We have answers

There’s a lot of new information in this post and we understand you might have questions.

If so, send them over to product-advocates@contentful.zendesk.com and our team of experts will circle back with an answer.

We have a good feeling about these changes and what they’ll bring to your organization — we hope you do too! 

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