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Commerce Layer is an API-first commerce platform that lets you easily add enterprise-grade e-commerce to any website. Take a look at this example to see an example Static e-commerce site built with Commerce Layer, Jekyll and Contentful.

This extension lets you visually associate an SKU on Commerce Layer to any model on Contentful. The association brings the SKU code into the content model, so that you can make it shoppable on the front-end by leveraging the Commerce Layer API.



To use this extension you'll need an account with CommerceLayer and will need to create a Contentful Application from the settings section of your CommerceLayer store. Once this is complete CommerceLayer will provide you a Client Secret, Client ID and Store URL that can be used to configure this extension.

Install the extension on Contentful by clicking Install on this page.

Create a contentful application on Commerce Layer and get the client ID, client secret, and base endpoint:

Contentful application

Create a field of type JSON object and insert your application credentials in the field appearance options:

Contentful field


Once installed, head over to any content that contains the Commerce Layer field to be able to associate Commerce Layer SKUs with your content in Contentful.


This extension is published under the MIT license.

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