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About the Contentful AI Content Generator app powered by OpenAI

Contentful AI Content Generator uses OpenAI to make your content creation process faster than ever! With AI Content Generator, you can generate content that matches your brand, reduce repetitive tasks like generating SEO keywords, and even translate content to nearly 100 languages.

With our latest updates, you can also now experience a totally refreshed experience, a comprehensive brand profile that creates more on-brand content, and a new option to Rewrite content to shorten, lengthen, and change voice, tone, or style!

This app requires your own OpenAI API key, and supports both free and paid keys. The app also shares some known limitations in ChatGPT, specifically the inability of that application to (currently) provide responses with a set character length. You may need to edit the response to fit length requirements. Depending on your OpenAI subscription, you may also experience brief downtime or outages if their service is overloaded. You can find details about uptime status here.

Users are solely responsible for ensuring that their use of the AI Content Generator, including in particular any AI-generated content, complies with applicable laws, their organization’s policies, and applicable OpenAI Terms and Policies to which they are subject.


  • Provide a comprehensive profile of your brand that helps the AI tool generate relevant content
  • Generate titles and content automatically, using your brand description or other fields in your entry
  • Use a field to generate content, or write your own prompts!
  • Translate fields to more than 95 languages
  • Automatically generate SEO keywords and descriptions to reduce manual tasks
  • NEW: Rewrite content to change length and shift voice and tone! Select from default options or add your own.


To use this app, you will need:

  • An OpenAI free or paid key


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